Today is the day

I will begin my juicing adventure today. I have seen the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, which made me interested in juicing. It’s a really well done movie, worth watching even if you have no interest in juicing. I also have a facebook friend who has been juicing and looks great. Her skin is better and her body is rocking. She makes me excited to try it.

I weighed myself last night at work. I work nights in a hotel and there is a scale in our work out room. Right now I am at 226 and am 5’9. I would give you my measurements, but I don’t own a tape measure….or a juicer. I am going to buy that this afternoon. ImageThis is me right now. Ready to lose that tummy!

I want to keep this blog to show my journey into health. I am tired of going into stores and sometimes finding nothing that fits. I want to look good. Another thing, I’ve always had problems with my skin. Everything I have read or watched says juicing will help give you a better complexion. Most importantly, I don’t want to die early because of a preventable disease. If you don’t have your health, then really you don’t have anything.

There will also be posts about what kind of eating habits led to this overweight issue, what I wished I would have known at a younger age, and recipes I find very good or very bad.

I am very lucky that I already like most veggies and fruits. In the past two years I have included more produce than I ever had into my diet, and about three weeks ago started being a vegetarian, (I lost ten pounds, I was at 236.) I want to take it to the next level though.

I will also add, my last solid food that I will have for a while was a pizza with onions on it. I know pizza is very bad, but I wanted it as my last unhealthy thing.

I would love some comments or tips if you juice or have juiced.


6 thoughts on “Today is the day

  1. Juicing is great! I don’t know if you have seen on my blog that I did the “7lbs in 7 days” challenge in November. I can definitely recommend the book. It gives you tips for every day on what to do if you feel like giving up. Do you plan on just juicing for a certain amount of days? Or substitute some meals with juice?

    • I want to do a full on juice fast for 10 days at first, followed by subsituting meals afterwards. I want to keep juicing in the daily routine to make sure I always get enough good stuff from plants.

  2. Eeeeekkk! I watched fat, sick, and nearly dead also! I was so motivated from the movie that I started juicing that day!!! ….and we’ll, It didn’t last all that long, but insanely enough I actually bought a new juicer today to try again! I saw you started following my blog, what a coinkydink! It’s amazing how today of all days you found my blog! I am so excited to read more of your blog!!! This is really exciting, I’m really freaking out right now! I hope that doesn’t come off sounding as scary as it seems, I am just happy to find another person I can relate too! My journey is a little different but I’m glad I can talk with you and keep up to date and see what works for you and whatnot! (:

    Also, it’s awesome how open you are about your weight and everything! That takes guts! But you’re gonna do great!!!!!

    • Thank you! I think the first step in losing weight is admitting, like an alcoholic, “Hey, I have a problem and they name is FOOD!” If I can admit to the internet my weight and my goals, I feel I am less likely to fail.

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