Green Juice

Tonight my juice was super green! In it was kale, celery, and a lemon. A recipe I found at

I decided to follow online recipes since the juice I took to work last night, well, didn’t taste the best, more like, awful. I choked it down. My security guard (who also juices) saw I threw some away (not much) and he said “You know how much produce costs? You probably just threw away 5 dollars!” And he’s right. I don’t want to waste, so I will follow people who have tried recipes out before so I don’t risk just throwing things away.

Health wise, I don’t feel a ton different. One interesting thing to note is that I had a really bad cold right before juicing, sneezing all the time, sore throat, cough, and now just a little of the sore throat remains. Don’t know if the two are connected, just interesting.

Body wise, not too much of a difference. When I get enough money I will go by a scale, but as for now I just have to tell you how my body feels to me. I can kind of see a change in my middle section, not drastic, just tiny. I slept all day, so my energy has not gone up. Otherwise, no giant changes.

I am about to write my personal statement for my law school application and enjoy this very green juice, which tastes like…*takes a sip*…lemonade kind of with a dirt aftertaste? It’s really not that bad, and ten times better than last nights.

One thing I realized after reading some recipes, I need to buy a ton of ginger! I didn’t by any and need some. Also, I will try to post a picture of my produce since it is impressive.


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