So not 100%

I have to admit. I am not doing juice as 100% of my diet. It comprises probably 80%. Besides juice, I have had two egg sandwiches a day. I bought bread before starting and I don’t want it to go bad, or I would be doing just juice and raw veggies. That is where I want to be in a week or two. I just don’t want to waste food I already bought. I love cooking though, and will probably still make crazy good dishes from time to time. I am suppose to cook for my buddy Friday and make an veggie alfredo lasagne and probably some side salad involving broccoli.

As for what juices I’ve made recently, at work last night I drank an apple, white nectarine, and blueberry juice. That one was so good. It is so much easier to get the fruit juices down. I am about to drink a carrot and broccoli stem juice, lets see how it tastes….incredibly sweet. Must be from the carrots. The carrots are great to cut that broccoli’s bitter taste. I used two huge carrots and just a few broccoli stems.

I am definitely seeing a difference in my body now. A good difference. I am going to do a kettle bell work out today as well as juice.

On a personal side note, I just sent in my application for Suffolk Law School. I hope I get in. If I don’t, then, well, I will be very sad. It is the school I want to go to, so far the main and only plan I have. Lets hope I get in! I am interested in Labor and employment law or financial law. I’m not quite sure which one I want to go in to.

A great blog involving a disgusting restaurant that lets you eat for free if you’re over 350 pounds can be found at this link It also discusses how society plays a vital role in obesity today.


8 thoughts on “So not 100%

      • They make it look so easy on TV. In fact, I watch a show called ‘Suits’ where one of the characters never even went to law school, but he’s so smart and knows so much about the law, his boss hired him as a lawyer anyway. Now that’s realistic. 😉

      • Sigh, yes people think lawyers are just great speakers and charming (which they are, that is why I will be great at it 🙂 ) but also you need a lot of hard work and to live through that horrible thing called law school.

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