Snowy Day

It is a snowy, cold day here in St. Louis, MO. Don’t know if you know this about STL, but we do not do well in snow. If there is a dusting the whole city shuts down. Schools are closed, people don’t go to work, I hole up inside with my juice…  Unfortunately my apartment has those stupid wall heaters, the ones that take air from outside and heat it. Never really gets the whole place really warm.

The juice I made today is a good one. Cucumber, an apple, and some blueberries. One of my favorite I’ve made. Tastes very refreshing. Not as harsh as some of the vegetable ones I’ve made. I plan on juicing twice today, but also I want to eat an avocado. I have two left that are perfectly ripe, so I want to get them eaten in the next two days. I was also considering making a squash and broccoli stir fry, since I have some broccoli tops left over from when I juiced some stems. I love broccoli….I really do, those dots are not meant to be sarcastic.

I went to an event for type one diabetes last night, my mom has had the disease since she was 15, and had a couple of margarita’s, so I had to include some blueberries to detoxify… The margarita’s were different from regular margarita’s though. The first one was a blueberry pomegranite, very yummy. The second..was interesting. It was a peach and jalepino margarita. Very, spicy. I also had some guac and cheese dip, not much, but not juice. Met some interesting people and I am excited to get involved with a group with such a good cause.

Also, I recommend the movie 56 and up. Just saw it last night, a documentary that follows a group of 7 year olds and interviews them every 7 years, apparently it was a long running series in the UK. Now they are 56. The film shows clips from their entire life.

I guess since I am stuck inside I will clean and do a kettle bell work out. Not much to do on a day like today.

I can’t wait to weigh myself when I go back to work. Kind of scared of the scale, but I do think I’ve been losing some weight.



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