Ending the day sweaty and full…

Nutrition wise, this has not been a bad day. For breakfast, as I mentioned, I juiced. That juice again was 1 cucumber, an apple, and some blueberries. Very good I will say. Then for lunch, I did have one slice of high fiber bread and an avocado, for dinner it was a veggie stir fry consisting of some onion, broccoli tops, and yellow squash. The bread was weak spot, but I do want to finish it before the loaf spoils. Then I probably won’t buy bread again for quite some time. My stir fry was fantastic and healthy since I used just a little extra virgin olive oil, not butter. I love juice, but I also want to make sure I am getting the right amount of fiber from the actual veggies, so that’s why I don’t do a 100% juice fast. I thought about it, but I also enjoy my veggies whole.

I also did part of a kettle bell work out, and I am severely out of shape. I am super sweaty and my heart racing, chugging down water. I guess that is good though.

Otherwise, not much else was done. Cleaned a little bit, watch a movie called Color Me Kubrick, very interesting. Apparently in the 90’s there was this con man, Alan Conway,  going around pretending to be Stanley Kubrick, and got away with it. He was so good, he had a New York Times reporter convinced Kubrick was gay…Stanley Kubrick is married to a woman! Mr. Conway would go around tricking people, had them thinking he was going to use them in a film, taking money and dinners from them. Kubrick was a great alias since by the time Conway was pulling his con, Kubrick had been a recluse for about 15 years. Conway stayed shaved so he could convince people he was Kubrick, just that he shaved his beard off and that was the reason for the difference in appearance. Kubrick is reported to have found the idea of someone imitating him fascinating. John Malkovich is Alan Conway and provides an impressive performance. I recommend the film to anyone who like quirky, based on real life movies.

I am going to weigh myself Sunday. Am I expecting a huge weight loss? No, but if I’m not down a little, I will be disappointed. I feel like I have really been watching what I eat and watching portions if I don’t juice. Most of what I eat comes from the earth now.

I would really like to go to a doctor and get a check up. Find out what my BMI is, how my blood pressure is, just to keep tabs on that. Most likely, I won’t do that though.  I hate waiting rooms.

Happy juicing to everyone!


For a great blog on nutrition and discipline, click here http://theresaethompson.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/10-disciplines-of-effective-nutrition/comment-page-1/#comment-4


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