Kale, why should we care?




I just made my wake up time juice, yes I know it is 4:30 PM, but I work nights. This is my morning time. This juice today was a bunch of kale, cucumber, an orange, and a carrot. It is quite tasty. Now, if you are new to juicing like I am, you probably are thinking, what is kale and why do juicers keep going on about it?


Here is a link from whole foods describing its benefits. Basically it is one of the most nutrient dense leafy greens you can buy. It is a super food.

When you’re juicing you won’t see much juice come out of kale. You may be thinking, “Do I have to juice 10 lbs for one cup of juice?” No, add a cucumber or some other veggie that has a lot of water in it to give your juice some bulk. The kale juice may be small, but don’t worry, it is packing a punch of nutrients for your body.

If you want to eat your kale in a non-juice form, kale chips are all the rage. It’s a great way to have “chips” with no carbs. Here is a link to a recipe for those.


Next time you’re out buying juicing supplies, do not forget the kale!





9 thoughts on “Kale, why should we care?

  1. It took me a good minute to get use to Kale in my juice. Before I started researching proper portions I use to do bunches of Kale and a host of other leafy vegetables and it tasted like fresh watered grass; the smell matched. Now I do…5 Kale leaves, 4 green apples, a lemon, a cucumber and some ginger and I am good to go.:)

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