Massive Fail

Last night I decided to go out. I rarely have a Saturday when both me and my best friend are not doing anything. It was an epic night, lots of fun, BAD for the diet. Do I regret it? No, I want to have fun while I am fun. Am I as excited for my weigh in tonight as I had been, NO.

We went out to a local sports bar where I know a ton of people. Lots of alcohol was consumed (I know, terribly bad for me) and there was lots of dancing (I won a free beer from my dance skills to macklemore’s song thrift shop. Song is my jam.). It was so much fun. I laughed a lot. What does a lot of drinking lead to, late night eating. Of course not good eating, but lasagna eating. Sigh. Today has been a day of water and juice though. I need to detox after a night like last night.

I am too poor to go out now though! So, I will hardcore be on my diet for the next few days. I do need to go buy some more carrots, apples, and kale though. I may also get some strawberries. I love strawberries.

I work tonight. Working makes staying on my diet easier because I am preoccupied. When I am just home doing nothing, all I think about is food. So, I am off to get a giant bottle of water and juice up the last of my carrots with broccoli stem in it.

Here is a link to Macklemore’s thrift shop:


Out at a favorite sports bar of mine. Blues just won. GO BLUES!

Out at a favorite sports bar of mine. Blues just won. GO BLUES!


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