First Weigh In

I was very nervous about weighing myself yesterday after I did not do well on my diet Saturday night. Good news though, I’ve dropped 4.5 lbs. Pretty good for starting the diet on the 19th, that’s, what, 6 days. I like those results.

Yesterday was a complete juice fast day. For my breakfast juice, it was a broccoli stem,, 6 stalks of celery, one orange, and one zuccini. This juice at first tastes sweet with a salty after taste from the celery. Celery is a great addition to juices if you love salt and want to keep your salt cravings down. I don’t care for salt too much, I have more of a sweet tooth, so the salty after taste was not appreciated by me. I was really hungry at first, but then I had this huge burst of energy. Lots and lots of it. It was crazy.

My lunch juice was one cucumber, an apple, and 1/2 a lime. This juice was so yummy. It was very refreshing and not too sweet. I really enjoyed it. Then again, another huge burst of energy about 15 minutes after drinking it. I also drank three liters of water throughout the night.

Now I am on my dinner juice. This one is one big carrot, an apple, and a handful of blueberries. This one is pretty sweet, but I enjoy it a lot. Great after a stressful night of work.

My night wasn’t too stressful til the end. The hotel I work at has a free parking garage, so you would think everyone would park inside the garage with camera’s that is locked. Wrong. Three cars got broken into on the surface lot. Two had their windows shattered, one had the lock cut. One of the cars actually belonged to my security guard. This is stressful because you don’t want the people to come down on your shift, and also, you have to tell your manager cars got broken into. Which leads to the lecture of “security guards should be outside more” even though both my security guards do regular walks. It only takes five minutes to get into cars, and the fact every car on the lot wasn’t broken into shows security was not too bad, or every single car would have gotten hit. The most ever broken into in one night was seven or eight. That was with another security company though. I just hate how they immediately blame someone, when they probably couldn’t have done anything besides get the license plate anyway.

I do feel bad for the security guard. He just got his car back from the shop for hail damage and now he has a broken out window.




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