Good day ending badly

I did really well today, til my last meal. The good parts, woke up, juiced. My breakfast juice was blueberries, a whole carrot, and about an inch slice of lemon. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it.

Then I went out grocery shopping. Bought SO many leafy greens. Romaine, turnip greens, kale. Then apples, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, strawberries, blueberries…all good stuff. Did not buy any bread, all produce. I did have to walk by a subway and smell the amazing bread baking, but I walked on.

My second juice I want to call “fajita in a cup” but really, I should name it “Punch You In the Face Juice.” The ingredients are two tomato’s, a half slice of onion (not much), half a lime, one jalapeno, and one green bell pepper. Very spicy. Good thing about spicy juices, they fill you up.

Watched some shows on Hulu. Parks and Recreation was amazing. Love that show. Then Project Runway. Also, great show. Bob’s Burger’s. Amazing.  Then American dad…only an alright show but I keep watching it for some reason.  I hate being poor and not being able to go out and do anything. I get crazy cabin fever. I used to just eat delivery when I was bored, obviously not doing that anymore. It’s crazy how much time food takes up and you never realize it.

Then I did a kettle bell work out that kicked my ass. Oh my goodness. I actually think it was a mistake. I was super shaky afterwards. Then I realized, oh I just did a hard work out that makes me sweat a ton after a two-day juice fast. I took a shower and put some lotion on.  Then I set up a nifty little reading area, where the furniture we moved last Saturday used to be.

My new reading spot

My new reading spot

I also drank a couple bottles of water.

Then I did something dumb, gorged on food. Finished the last piece of lasagna and had an egg sandwich. 😦 Failure!!!!

But now I know that have gotten rid of all my really bad food and just have veggies and a few eggs. I am still disappointed. I have a weigh in next sunday, so if I can juice til then, I know I will make great progress and my body will be thankful for that.



7 thoughts on “Good day ending badly

  1. I agree…don’t be hard on yourself. We fail, but aren’t failures so as long as we keep at it. Each day is a fresh start. On another note, I’ve never juiced onions, I’ve thought about it, but just haven’t because well it’s onion juice…but silly me adds garlic on occasion to my kale and tomato juice. I imagine onion juice shouldn’t be that too bad?!?

  2. I’m definitely going to make your Fajita in a cup tomorrow! I love spicy stuff. (I may add some celery and cucumber too since I’m becoming obsessed with them now.) I’m sorry to hear you slipped up tonight… but don’t get too down on yourself, just tell yourself that you WILL keep doing the fast and you WILL succeed and not slip up again! 🙂 Also, I’ve heard it a million times– the first 1-3 days of a fast are the absolutely HARDEST… cut yourself some slack. Get through 3 days and you won’t want to quit!

    • The Fajita is dangerous! Super spice. I am officially fasting now. I ate my last two slices of bread today, and I am done. Only produce now, mostly juice. 🙂

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