2nd weigh in

I have been pretty good with the juicing, eating about one solid meal a day and juice the rest of them. My solid meal after my horrible night at work Friday was beans with a jalapeno sliced into them. The one I ate Sunday morning was scramble eggs with onions mixed in. Usually a protein and a veggie.

I wrote about my juices on Friday, so let me tell you about Saturday’s. My first juice was 4 whole carrots, handful of blueberries, and a head of romaine and it was SO good. I really enjoyed it.  Tasted kind of like chai tea. I know that’s weird, but I swear that is what I tasted. I may be crazy.

My second juice is my basic energizer, 4 kale leaves, an apple, and cucumber. I love that juice and it always gives me so much energy.

Tonight I tried to remake the chai tea juice, but I only had two carrots left. Still pretty good though. 

My second juice, and it’s going to sound weird, was created because I am low on produce, I am going shopping today. It was one green bell pepper, a slice of lemon, and two tomato’s. It came out a brownish greenish color. I was scared to drink it, but it actually is not bad. More of a savory taste, but you can smell the pepper, wicked strong. So I am enjoying that right now.

I did my second weigh in tonight. At 218, which means I am down 8 lbs since February 20th. I do not think that is too shabby. I know that if I did a true juice fast instead of eating even the meal just once a day, I’d be down more, but you know, I am happy with 8 lbs. If I keep losing about 3-4 lbs a week, I’ll be happy with that. My next weigh in will actually be a little over a week away, making it for March 14th. Hopefully the weight keeps coming off.

Work last night was not as hectic as Friday, which surprised me because the actual motorcross event was Saturday, not Friday. We had the usual drunks, one dad was lost (sure he is in a lot trouble when he got in at 5:30 in the morning), and then the crazy drunk chick I have to tell you about.

She comes in the door and just sits in a chair in the lobby. Ignores me when I ask “Miss, do you have a room here?” Ignores my security guard when he asks. Falls asleep, so security wakes her up. She thinks she is in a VIP section of the club she was just in. This girl is so drunk she is teetering on her 6 inch heels. She comes up to the desk. At this point, I believe we’re going to need the police to get her out of here and she was looking for her car which if she drove, she would have killed herself. So, I get ready to call and tell her that she needs to go back to Harry’s. To this she replies “You are retarded. She is retarded. Look the other way, you.” (She is at my front desk) I just have my hand on the phone, she looks back at me and goes, “You and your tick tick tick tick tick.” I had nothing that ticked. I almost busted up laughing. She finally starts to walk out the door and I am sure she is going to face plant, but she doesn’t. Security runs outside because he is sure she will get hit by a cab. She almost does, but it stops, she gets into it, hangs out the door screaming, “WOOOOOOOO.” That’s the last time I hope I ever see her drunk ass. My job. Insane.



7 thoughts on “2nd weigh in

  1. 8 lbs since February 20th is great! 🙂 And that wasted girl must have woken up (somewhere?) with the biggest hangover:P

  2. Have you read Eat to Live? I think you can eat more veggies. Dr Fuhrman teaches that you will get plenty of protein from greens. Most foods have protein. You can fill with raw veggies and your body will burn fat because they don’t load you with carbs.

  3. Well done, girl! I have been losing weight, I am sure…but I refuse to weigh myself. I figure if I can buy a hot dress by the hubs’ 20th high school reunion, I am good.

  4. I have heard about Juicing, but never really looked it up or tried it. That sounds very interesting. Where did you learn about this? I may look it up more, but there’s so many things online about juicing so it gets a bit overwhelming. I am in the weight loss process as well, but I just ended up becoming vegetarian. So, I am curious about the juicing process. Any tips or information would be great. Thanks 🙂 Love your blog btw.

    • The go to documentary for juicing is “Fat, Sick, and nearly dying” which details a mans journey from obsesity to health during a juice fast across America. It’s good you’re already a vegetarian, it makes going to juicing easier than if you were consuming hot pockets and a pot roast everyday. The important thing to remember about juicing is you want to make sure you get more veggie’s than fruit. Fruit causes your insulin to jump up, and they are very sugary. You can also find a lot of juicing blogs, of people who have done it, are doing, their experiences. I was just looking at your blog at the latkes, great recipe. I need vegetarian recipes that my family will eat when I go and visit them.

      • I was hearing about that documentary the other day, as a matter of fact! Guess I have a good reason to check it out now. 😛 And thanks for the tidbit, I will surely be keeping that in mind. I am not sure I’ll go all the way with juicing, but I would like to experiment with juicing. I know it can be beneficial 🙂 And I’m glad you are liking the posts! I do enjoy being vegetarian (even though I know It isn’t permanent lol I will eventually go back to meat eating, but it will be in moderation). But I like to enjoy what I’m eating and I know there’s so many recipes out there that are vegetarian, healthy but actually taste GOOD. So then I’m not sad when my friend is eating something meaty 😉 I will be posting more, so I hope they will be something your family will eat!

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