Produce shopping is so much…fun?

I went produce shopping yesterday, which was fine. I bought a head of cabbage, pineapple, collard greens, cucumbers, carrots, ginger, yellow plums, tomato’s and apples. I bet I am forgetting something. I have a filled up refrigerator though.

I juiced for Breakfast and lunch yesterday. My first juice was the last of my kale, an apple, a cucumber, and two celery stalks. The juice was kind of a walnut taste to it. Interesting.

My lunch juice was broccoli stem, half a lemon, two yellow plums, and a cucumber. This one tasted like a tart lemonade. Pretty good.

When I got home I made a kind of soup out eggs, a can of fire-roasted tomato’s I had, and onion. It was really good. Neat little dish. Full of flavor.

Work was good. We had a little trouble with a couple of cross-dressers who trashed a room. Broke lamps, threw mattresses off the frames, just messed the place up. I personally thought trashing hotel rooms went out of fashion in the early 80’s. Get this though, the shift before me hadn’t checked the people out. The person who rented the room came down to claim the reason they were moving rooms is because they didn’t like the smoke smell in their smoking room. We had to lock the room out and that’s when they discovered the room was destroyed. The kicking out was not handled well by the shift before me, but that was their deal. I forget it’s my shift that usually kicks people out and it was pretty amusing/painful watching amateurs trying to do it.

The other night auditor, who I rarely see since there is only two of us, hung out last night til 1 AM. He is super funny, so him, security, and I had a ball talking about crazy guests of the past, other shifts, managers, batman, Kubrick films, and just caught up. Probably won’t see him for another month now.


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