Sniffles then a citrus blast!

Hello everybody. I feel my nutrition today was really healthy.

I woke up with some sniffles so I decided to make a citrus blast juice. It was one grapefruit, one orange, and half a lime. It was really yummy and I do not feel any sniffles anymore

My second juice was going to be an energizer, but I am out of kale so I used turnip greens. I used way too many. Turnip greens, an apple, and a cucumber. My drink was incredibly bitter. Bleh. Made the wrong decision.

For dinner I made a veggie stir fry that was green bell pepper, broccoli, and onion. It was really yummy.

Work was normal except this one crazy lady who thought that Augustus Busch’s security team was stalking her, I let them into the hotel (in her mind), they had already been in her room and taken her unmentionables, my security guard will be receiving not one but two doctorate degrees from Jesus himself, and she also modeled for Anheuser Busch in the 80’s. Thing is, she seemed so damn normal when she checked in. I didn’t even see the crazy coming.

Now I am waiting for the exterminator to come and spray my apartment. Tonight is my last night at work, then off for seven days. I am ready for some days off. Seven days straight at any job sucks.


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