If you don’t tip, you’re kind of a bad person

I am powering through writing this blog right now, but I am soooo tired.

My meals yesterday were pretty good. The first juice I made was a tomato, celery, and cucumber. This was pretty good, not as sweet as the usual juices I make.

The second juice was my energizer (though I don’t feel like it’s doing its job right now) and that was turnip greens, a cucumber, an apple, and a few blueberries.

I also ate half a bagel at work dipped in a tiny bit of gravy that we make for biscuits and gravy. Both those things are bad, but that is why I am not eating anything at home right now. I couldn’t resist the bread!

My coworker this morning did say “You’re looking like you’re really slimming down.” Love those comments.

I do have a rant to go on. Working the front desk at night I meet a ton of delivery drivers, and I didn’t know this actually happened, but apparently some people don’t tip. Will literally have exact change ready for them. It’s just such a dick move. I remember once a girl forgot a nickel and asked the driver to wait while she went up and got it, and the driver just went, “Fuck it, it’s a nickel.” Not only did she not tip, she short-changed her!Really?

Also, if you’re in a restaurant, expect to tip 20%. If the service is incredibly shitty, still leave 10% because it’s the human thing to do. In America, our servers only make around 2.50 an hour, they literally live on tips. If you don’t tip that is the equivelent of going up to the server, saying “go fuck yourself”, and walking away. You just get to be rude and not see their reaction. This is an interesting story, this woman who is a PASTOR, a woman of god, had a table big enough that the tip was added automatically. She scratched that tip out and wrote “I only give god 10%, why should I give you 18?” and gave the waitress a zero dollar tip! I mean, that is terrible. Here is a link to the story.


Next time you plan to go out to eat or get delivery, when you’re budgeting, just add the tip in your head to the bill. If you can’t afford a tip, then you can’t afford eating out.


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