Feeling Slimmer!

This is just a quick blog about my nutrition from yesterday.

My first juice was 5 carrots, 1 apple, and about an inch of ginger. This juice was crazy good. It was yummy-goodness in a cup.

My lunch was beans with jalapino, onion, and green pepper sliced into it.

I then did a half an hour kettle bell work out, which felt good.

My last juice was turnip greens, an apple, a cucumber, and an inch of ginger. It was very good.

I have plans on going to a fish fry at a catholic church tonight, not because I am catholic, but because I love a good fish fry.

Also, I look in the mirror and can see the difference. I feel slimmer. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Feeling Slimmer!

  1. Awesome for you. The juice sounds good. I am trying the recipe you gave me tomorrow (my first day of juicing). Exciting! You should keep posting comparison pictures and get thee a measuring tape!

  2. awesome! May have to try the carrot/apple/ginger for the hubs. He loves ginger…I am not crazy about it. My juice yesterday was kale, apple, carrot, parsley and a small orange. Kind of amazing. I mixed it with my wheatgrass shot because drinking the wheatgrass on an empty stomach was kind of tramatic the other day.

  3. i would really love to try juicing it up someday… i just need so much carbs for breastfeeding right now… atleast that’s my excuse! 🙂

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