A fun weekend that was bad for the diet

I had a very good weekend, but boy, I did not treat my body well.

Thursday night I was good. I juiced, did a kettlebell work out, the only solid thing I ate was beans with vegetables. It was Friday that started my downward spiral.

My best buddy Jess and I decided to go to a fish fry and then go out to a couple bars. The line at the fish fry was 1,000 people long, so instead we went to this little hole in the wall Mediterranean place I had been wanting to try by her place. I got a falafel for 3.50 and a “turkish coffee” which apparently is just a very large, strong coffee. She ordered a fish sandwich. We now know, if we go there, just get one sandwich and split it because these things were HUGE. It was weird though, when I think of Falafel, I imagined it in the center of a pita pocket. This one was like a wrap in pita bread instead of a pocket. I wish I would have taken a picture. Not the best falafel I have ever had.

Then we go out, all gussied up. First place we went is somewhere called “The Stadium” which is basically an upscale sports bar. The place was really busy for something in St. Louis called “Arch Madness”. All the midwest college basketball teams meet up in downtown STL for a gigantic 3 day tournement. That was fun for a while. I love girls night, just catching up and having a couple cocktails. Also, I love how Jess turns guys down because she is SO mean about it. One guy was walking by her, looked at her and said, “Damn girl, is all that real?” and her actual response was “Shut the fuck up.” With a look that would have killed him if it could have. I am not the nicest person in the world, but I doubt I would be that mean to a complete stranger. My form of telling a guy to go away is just to straight up ignore the person.

After The Stadium we went to The Ugly Mug because they have an amazing dance floor. We danced SO much, and it was so much fun. Another girl joined our group, and I think she was a legit dancer, like in ballet, so the three of us are dominating the dance floor. We got approached by so many creepy guys that we said no to that a security guard had to come over to protect us. It felt kind of VIP, I’m not going to lie. Took a cab back to Jess’s place then I passed out on her couch. We took Jess’s car on Friday night so Saturday I had to drive Jess to work then later that evening pick her up and drive her back to her car.

So far I have two very bad things in my diet, a falafel and alcohol. Now I add a third. My hangover cravings led me to ordering….a pizza! It was the best tasting pizza I have ever had. Mushroom, black olive, and extra cheese, my absolute favorite kind of pizza. Before juicing, I was/am a pizza addict. It is my 2nd favorite food behind Mac and cheese (also very bad). I ate it, I ate the pizza. AH! Besides that I didn’t eat anything.

All I did yesterday is watch a lot of Law and Order SVU. I am addicted and they have all the seasons on Netflix. Before I knew it, I had watched 9 hours of it! So embarassing.

The only good thing I did for my body this weekend was drink lots of water. I drank a couple of liters a day.

Now I am on a complete juice fast though, until I go to Orlando on March 17th. So, that is a 7 day juice fast. I’m not even going to combine it with one healthy meal a day, a complete fast.

The juice I am drinking as I write this is 5 whole carrots, inch of ginger, a cucumber, and an orange. It is really good. I love adding ginger to juices, makes the juice instantly better.  Wish me luck, my next weigh in is on March 14th. I will also be doing kettle bell work outs, going for long walks, sit ups, and other random exercises. I don’t go back to work til next Thursday.

I also am going to see my mom and stepdad soon, but I need to bring my juicer and produce because they don’t own vegetables or fruit. They’re SO unhealthy, compared to them on a regular basis, my past weekend was healthy.

I don't like this picture that much, but this is the dress I was wearing.

I don’t like this picture that much, but this is the dress I was wearing.

Here are my awesome tights.

Here are my awesome tights.

Me before going out on Friday

Me before going out on Friday

On a random note, my phone took a bit of a swim (my natural reaction being AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!) but it seems to be working fine…good job phone.


4 thoughts on “A fun weekend that was bad for the diet

  1. You CAN CAN CAN do it!!! and a trainer I once worked with told me your body tends to slim down more after a good feeding b/c it no longer feels like it’s in “need.” That pizza did sound yummm… and your tights were sexy-cute! 🙂 You made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve been out dancing!!!

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