Making goals and drinking juice

Today’s meals were good. I did have fiesta eggs this morning, which are more veggies than eggs. Basically a green pepper, onion, jalapeno, two eggs, cumin, and chili powder. Pretty yummy.

I am drinking a juice meal now. This one is broccoli, one cucumber, 3 turnip green leaves, and an apple. Pretty good. I hope it brings a surge of energy. I have been so tired lately. Just weird.

I haven’t done much. These cold days make me just want to curl up in my bed and be in a coma. I have decided to make some goals to accomplish before going to Orlando on the 17th.

1) Go to H & R block and get my taxes fixed. They are in shambles and I have to get on a payment plan.

2) Do laundry. I have a plan to do that at my mom’s tomorrow which actually helps with goal 3.

3) Visit my mom and see her new house. I used to visit my mom every couple weeks and it has been about a month or more now.

4) Clean my apartment. Needs to be done.

5)Take a long walk. This goal will depend on how cold it remains outside.

6) Do at least 3 kettle bell work outs.

7) Keep up with juicing. At my mom’s this may be difficult because they are soooo unhealthy. I may have to make a solid vegetarian meal to make this visit healthier.

Those are my 7 goals for the week. Hopefully in my next few blogs you’ll see me saying, “I accomplished this goal today!”

I go to Orlando soon and I just planned a trip for LA in April. LA should have tons of juice bars, so it’ll probably be easy to juice out there. The only cuisine I really want to try there is authentic Mexican food. I have that goal and to see the walk of fame.

Not much else to update you guys on. Wish me luck on my 7 goals.

15 thoughts on “Making goals and drinking juice

  1. I love reading your posts :-). I’m so sad – my juicer broke today! 1 week after I bought it! I am going to take it back though – I love my juicing now 🙂

    And thanks to you I have been experimenting with kale – I love it!!

  2. Us California folk definitely take our Mexican food for granted. I once went to Ohio and was really surprised by how Mexican food deficient they were….but they did have fried bologna biscuits at hardees.

    • I have never seen a fried bologna biscuit, but I have had fried chicken and waffles, pork steaks, frog legs, and biscuits and sausage gravy. All….amazing.

      • I so agree. I was raised on down home country food…and sometimes, nothing else will do. Chicken fried steak was a weekly thing in my house growing up…yikes. The bologna biscuit was at Hardee’s, fwiw, so that tells how credible and appealing it was. That said, I almost moved to Ohio after eating at Bob Evans. OMG.

      • HA HA HA! Bob Evans!!!!! That is so silly, I don’t even consider them the best breakfast place in the midwest, it is legit good though. Have you ever had the maceroni and cheese, not the box stuff, but the real soul food stuff made in the gigantic lasagna tin foil bin. It’s so many layers and cheesy goodness. When I was the Historian for the association of black collegians (me being in that club is a long story) we had “soul food Sundays” and that was my FAVORITE part.

  3. I have not had their mac n cheese. I only went once on a five day stint in OH a couple years ago. I had their chicken and noodles w/biscuits and some sort of deep fried twice baked potatoes. Funny that I have never forgotten what I ordered.

    • Sorry, I meant the southren style of cooking Mac and Cheese, not Bob Evans. I have had a homemade twice baked potato but never a deep fried one..I thought a regular one was bad enough!!!

      • it was all kinds of wrong…and delicious. And YES to the mac n cheese. I may live in CA but I was raised by some down home Oklahoma and Texas folk. I have had to teach myself how to eat like a Californian. 😛

  4. yes, pretty much. except for killer Mexican food. But when you are married to a mexican man, mexican food loses its appeal. Its like every day fare around here..its nothing special anymore.

    Hmm. now I want biscuits and gravy. damn it.

    • Don’t do it…thought it’s sooo good. When I am in LA in a couple weeks I plan on eating authetic, amazing, awesome Mexican food. It must happen.For now, the juice though…

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