Eat Like You Mean It

Day one down. Hurray….. let’s review the juices.

Juice one: 4 Collard green leaves, 1/2 cucumber, and 2 tomato’s. Only an okay juice. I wish I would have added a different piece of fruit and just one tomato.

Juice two: Parsley water and 1/2 honeydew. For the parsley water I boiled some parsley and water for about 12 minutes, then strained the water, to which I added honeydew. Both are diuretics and honeydew juice is supposed to be good for the complexion.




Boiled parsley!

Boiled parsley!


Parsley water, needing to be chilled. Looks like pee....

Parsley water, needing to be chilled. Looks like pee….



Juice three: 4 whole carrots, 1 small orange, and 1 sweet potato. I really enjoyed this juice and it filled me up. I highly recommend it.

My very orange drink

My very orange drink

Day one brought the usual challenges any juice fast’s day one has. Hunger, dull headache,  and I’m tired right now. That could also be because my night at work was rough (the hotel was full of chuch kids, and kids are….messy.) Of course signs to eat were everywhere. One kid gave me and security a pepperoni and mushroom pizza, which I gave all to my security guard. This guard, we’ll call him, Juan, tries to get me off my juice fast, while the other security guard, Cameron, encourages and is himself a juicer. Juan kept trying to tempt me to the pizza and then he didn’t even eat it all and made me throw it away. Oh well. It actually didn’t look very good, surprisingly.

As I am walking through the parking lot to my apartment I see a Hardee’s bag with the slogan “Eat Like You Mean It.” This didn’t make me want to eat, it made me think, who is eating and going “I don’t mean this.”  It’s a silly slogan. Maybe it’s not a slogan, maybe it is a warning like, “The food in this bag is very bad for you and has really no nutrients. Go, eat like you mean it, eat some veggies.” They just couldn’t fit that on the bag so they shortened it to “Eat Like You Mean It” assuming everyone would catch their drift.

Lets look at Hardee’s “Eat Like You Mean It’s”. The lowest item in calories on their lunch menu is a slammer (small hamburger) at 240 calories. Which is not that bad, no cheese. Calories from fat is 110 though, which is amazing. The positive’s of a slammer is it is high in protein, low in sugars. It is high in saturated fat, which we all know, is a killer.

“Diets high in saturated fat have been linked to chronic disease, specifically,  coronary heart disease. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010   recommend consuming less than 10% of daily calories as saturated fat.” nutrition for everyone

So, lets say you have a 2,000 calorie a day diet. You just used 110 calories on saturated fat! Boo! This is a meal with no drink and no sides.

Now, for the heavy hitter on the menu, for those of you not watching your figures with slammers. The 2/3 lb MONSTER thickburger. This bad boy comes in at 1,410 calories, no drink, no side. Again, low in sugars but high, high, high in saturated fat! 45 grams of saturated fat when you should only intake 20 grams! You double then add 5 grams for good measure. In reality though, who is going to get a thickburger without fries. You get a large fry. And then you’ll need a beverage, regular soda maybe? The fries add in 610 calories and 6 grams saturated fat. A small regular coke is going to add in some 260 calories. So, in one meal you have taken in 2280 calories and 51 grams saturated fat.

If you eat like you mean it, it seems you may die. One thing I would like to show with this post though, is that even though fast food is SO bad, look at the slammer. Now, it’s certainly not good for you, but if you are in a pinch you could get one with water, instead of the monster scary burger. It’s all about portions. Eat like you mean, Eat like you want to live.

Sorry Hardee’s. It just happened to be your bag I saw outside. If it would have been a Taco Bell bag or McDonald’s I’m sure I would have picked on them.

I got my calories and saturated fat info from calorie lab. Great site to figure out calories.


9 thoughts on “Eat Like You Mean It

  1. I totally agree with you. If we were to all eat like we meant it, 1/2 of us would have been dead by now because of various reasons. Adopting a healthy diet is very important for one’s health. I like people who are aware of this. Keep up the good work!

    • I was one of the people who used to Eat Like I meant it. It was nuts though, for example, I ate enough Taco Bell at one point that I just craved it at a certain time of day. Not that I was hungry, I craved whatever it was inside of there. I was addicted. I am breaking free of the addiction now!

      • I totally get it. I used to be a chocolate addict, I couldn’t get through the day without a ton of chocolate. It was crazy, and when I stopped eating it, it was definitely hard and the cravings became even stronger, but now I am doing so much better without all the sugar.

  2. I would never have thought to juice a sweet potato! So you don’t need to cook it first? I’m still pretty new to juicing, so trying to learn :-). I read somewhere about juicing pumpkin, but again I wondered if I had to cook it first.

  3. I just throw my parsley in the juicer….what are the benefits of boiling it, I’m curious

    And you shouldn’t cook any of the foods you juice as cooking them will kill a good portion of the nutrients in the fruits and veggies….go raw or go home! lol

    • I just read about it on another blog. The reason I did it was actually to add more bulk to my juice with water. I will be adding raw parsley to my juice too, that juice was just a refreshing drink really.

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