Day 2 of the fast is coming to a close soon. I drank a lot of juice today to fight hunger cravings.

Juice one: An inch slice of a head of cabbage, yellow squash and two apples. I was surprised by how much juice my cabbage made. This juice wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but I did get some energy from it.

Then I went on a 50 minute walk in Forest Park (STL) since it was such a sunny, nice 53 degree day.  I got to fly a kite along the way. This old hippie had one super high up, higher than any kite I’ve ever seen go, and he let me fly it for a little bit. 🙂 After the walk I was craving food though. Boo.

Juice Two: A snack juice. Just half a cucumber and a small orange. Light and refreshing.

Juice Three: Collard greens, 1 apple, and a whole cucumber. Too many collard greens. Still energizing though. Nice before work.

Juice Four: A tomato, a pear, and 1/2 cucumber.

Juice five: Juice I am drinking right now. 7 whole carrots, small orange, and an inch of ginger. Really like this juice.

Work was tough, lots of kids and drunks, both making messes and causing noise complaints. Apparently, before I got to work, a housekeeper left a door propped open (whoops) and some kids went in and trashed the newly cleaned room. Kids these days seem to be assholes. I didn’t get a moment of quiet time.

A guy who wasn’t a guest got his car window smashed in. You haven’t really been to STL unless you’re car has been broken into. He kept flashing his inspector badge, it got to the point of “if you show me your badge one more time, I am going to shove it down your throat.” I get it drunky, you’re with the police. I’m sorry but you parked your car on a lot you didn’t belong on without looking for security camera’s. Stop wasting my time.

There was another fast food bag in the parking lot today. White Castle. Someone in my apartment building is a litterbug and fat. I want to do what I did yesterday, which is use calorie lab on White Castle’s. Love this website

The basic “white castle” is 140 calories. I know when I used to eat them though, I would order 5 cheeseburgers. Lets see how much that was. 160 X 5 = 800. I was eating 800 calories, and knowing me, sometimes got cheese fries with them which is 340. All together I would eat for lunch 1140, and that was just one meal. No wonder I never lost any weight. If we compare this to Hardee’s from yester, where you would just want to eat a slammer nothing else and you should be fine, I would say 3 “white castles” should also be fine, no side, no drink. They are still high in saturated fat and to be avoided and if you do eat them, you better eat veggies or drink juice the rest of the day!

I am super sleepy so I am off to bed. I was planning on doing outdoor activities within the next few days, but it is suppose to snow 8-12 inches tonight, so I will probably be inside a lot. Whomp whomp


4 thoughts on “Litterbug….

  1. I’d look into how much sugar is in the carrots, you don’ t want to get a blood sugar spike and carrots, oranges and apples are all bad culprits for that, it’s why I either use them sparingly or as a ‘secondary’ ingredient in the juices. Of course, my post op situation makes that a little more of a concern for me than most but just something to think about.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I try to do 1 fruit to every 2 veggies, but I didn’t even think about the sugar in carrots. I just have so many and love them.

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