Day 4 down.

I have now passed Day 4, but with terrible nutrition. Not because I cheated on my juice fast, because of the lack of anything I had.

I had one juice and 3 bottles of water. Then I went to bed for about 14 hours.

The one and only Juice: 6 romaine leaves, 2 cups of mango chunks and strawberry slices, and 2 whole carrots. This juice was amazing though. One of the best tasting juices I’ve had so far.

Then I went to sleep. I am starting my period, and my main menstral symptom is feeling exhausted. I don’t know if any other ladies feel this, but I do. I can just sleep epic amounts.

I have to say though, I have no hunger pains anymore. I kind of want to eat, but only because I’m bored. When I do imagine eating, I imagine a nice salad though or a veggie stir fry. I have already decided to break my fast, I will be eating a small sushi lunch. Then right back to juicing. I’m am so super poor though, I may just keep juicing until LA on April 9th. I haven’t decided yet.

Now I am on Day 5. I have already made my first juice which is 4 carrots, cabbage, and a handful of strawberries. It is pretty good. I don’t hate drinking it. Not as good as my juice yesterday though.

I do feel a lot skinnier. I am excited for my weigh in on Thursday. I think the results will be good.

12 thoughts on “Day 4 down.

  1. Oh my goodness! I was just thinking this morning how my hunger cravings are gone. Like you, I am craving a salad as well. I have always been a big salad eater (especially in the hotter months), but now I am really imagining a giant bowl of salad, filled with tons of veggies. That’s so funny that you typed what I was thinking too! Maybe that happens with all juice fasters. I’m really surprised that I’m not craving meat. I thought that would be one of the first things I would want to eat.

  2. Definitely giving this juice a try! Sounds really good! I’m still adjusting to juicing myself, I know what it feels like when you’re monthly gift arrives and you’re tired! I’m just the same way, and I also start craving Oreos or sweets and that messes up my purpose in juicing 😦

  3. I have never done a ‘juice’ before. I read so much about it and how it’s good for your body, but just never got around to actually doing it. Reading your posts and daily diary…I am more encouraged to give it a try. Thanks 🙂

  4. I’m going to try that first juice you listed, sound good! Best of luck on the day of your weigh in. I bet you’ll reach your goal!

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