Why have the guests had such funny lines lately?

I don’t really have anything new to report. My diet has not been good lately and I know this is a juicing blog and I do intend to get back to it, I just needed a break. I have been eating mostly fruit at work but I still will get the occasional pizza slice from a guest, but when I get home, I won’t lie, been living on hot pockets and beer. This work week has felt SO long. I just want to be off. Also, the boy is coming in on Saturday, so I may just be waiting for that and it is making things feel slow.

Cardinals have lost 3 games in a row. 😦 Tonight it was against the Reds though, which they are a really good team and before that was the Pirates who have now taken our spot as number one. We have a terrible closing pitcher named Boggs. In one game this year he gave up 9 runs in the 9th inning. He reminds me of a pitcher we had at the beginning of our world series year named Franklin, who was AWFUL. Sad thing is, every player who plays on the world series team throughout the whole year gets a world series ring, so that guy has one and he was no good for the team. We also have a lot of hard hitting injuries. Other than that though, we have Molina who is still as amazing as ever. Holliday is really coming into his own as an outfielder. I think we have a solid team with a few glitches in the bullpen. That’s exactly how we started the year we won the world series though.

Work has been bleh. Though two guests had some really funny lines.

These two couples were checking in at 4:30 AM, which in hotel time is not the next day yet. I can get away with checking them in at 6 and having them stay the next night, but not within the 4 O’clock hour. So, I told them to come back at 6 if they wanted the next night too. One of the fellows though, he just wanted to go to bed, said “I don’t care about no second night. I’ll just go home and watch my DVR. My DVR is the shit. It’s better than this hotel. I just want my DVR.” I don’t know why, but I thought this was funny. All night I just kept say, “I just want my DVR!”

Another guest the next night, he came in with this tale. He was at the club, with some girls, and he sees his girlfriends friends there. According to him, “They weren’t even trippin though. So I thought everything was cool. They’ll tell my girl the next day and I’ll just deny it or some shit. Little did I know, they were texting my girl telling her to come to the club. So, there I am straight thuggin, thinking everything is cool.”

I reply, “I bet you weren’t thuggin when she got there.”

“I wasn’t thuggin, I was RUNNING.” He says back

That made me and Cameron laugh crazy hard. He obviously was kicked out of where he lived with his girl but he did end up bringing some girls back to his room that night. I hope it was worth it, because that sucks. I do know, I wish I had that girl’s friends to watch my back. Good friends.

That’s about all I have to update on. Still planning on the hike on Friday, the boy gets in Saturday, and depending on how his time is here I may not be updating after he gets here for a while. I will try and upload hiking photo’s from my phone though.

I knew someday I would find a dead body…

Oh my goodness. I have to tell you this story before anything else because it is SO disturbing and gross.

I have been walking to work to get a little extra exercise in, and today I was walking back and I notice something in this little grassy area I walk by. I notice a rat. Since I have been living in downtown St. Louis, I have seen 1 rat in 3 years about a year ago. So, I see the rat and go, hmm, a rat. Then I see it. In this grassy area there is a hobo shanty that is a tarp wrapped around a pine tree base. It has been there for 3 years, I’ve only seen the person who supposedly lives in it once. Today there were about 50-60 rats all around it, piling on top of each other to get in and out of it. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. There were these women who were directing traffic for the Color Run close by, so I ask, Hey, do you think I should call someone? They were like, Yeah, the police. So I call the police. I tell them what I found, leave a contact number, but decide not to stick around to see what is in the tarp…I don’t want to see that… What else could it be? I mean, I guess he could have left food out and they were climbing in to get that, but I have never ever seen that tarp with rats around it like that. Ack, now every sound I hear I think, “Is that a rat?”


My night at work was positive. I made 34 dollars in tips which is HIGHLY unusual. Front desk staff usually makes zero dollars in tips. I think the universe was thinking, here’s 34 dollars to prepare you for what is to come with the rats. I got 10 dollars for ordering a pizza for some drunks, 10 dollars for calling a cab, and 19 just for checking someone in. The 19 dollar one confused me the most.

I also met a new Cardinal’s player, Jermaine Curtis, for about 3 minutes. Looking back on it I should have gotten his autograph for my grandma in case he turns into a big shot. In 6th grade I got a 3rd string catcher’s autograph, who was that catcher? None other than Mike Matheny who went on to have an amazing career and has now taken Tony Larussa’s spot as manager on the St. Louis Cardinals!  

The night went smoothly though. Nutrition has been bad, bad, bad at my parents. Last night I ate an orange and a slice of pizza. Not terrible but not good. I am planning a 7 mile hike for Friday though. I will be juicing until Friday now. I don’t like to do these long hikes on just juice.

My 10 mile hike went well and now I own a bike! When the weather isn’t as rainy I will try and ride that quite a bit. I want to attempt a 60 mile bike ride in June one way, then 60 miles back. I am going to be training up to that. 🙂

















My path led into a stream….


There are some pictures from my 10 mile hike in Meramec State Park.

Too much party. :)

I went to my buddy’s birthday party on April 20th, and boy was it fun.

Went to a piano bar, the Jive and Wail, from 7:30 to 10:30, which is fun but 3 hours in a piano bar is just too much! We ate dinner there, I had a French dip sandwich. Everyone else was eating appetizers AND a dinner. I was like, No thank you to that, TOO much food! I was right too. Everyone was saying how the appetizers were the size of meals. I did not eat my fries either. My French dip was yummy, roast beef you dip in yummy salty goodness.

Then the dancing, yes the dancing. Had so much fun. After 10:30 we went to this Lounge called “Lucas Park Grille”. One of the higher end bars on Washington Avenue in St. Louis. If you go, they have these specialty cocktails that, while 9 dollars a drink, are works of art in a glass. Always yummy. I had a “midnight Russian” which had nutmeg sprinkled on top. Very good. And then…more dancing…

Then me and another girl went to an after hours club AFTER the club, Pop’s. It’s in East St. Louis, where there are 24 hour bars. Played air hockey and a game where you punch a bag. Then…more dancing…. 🙂 It was fun.

Then I ate hot pockets at 6 AM when I got home and talked to my boy as he got on a plane to go the Caymans. I miss him a lot. I wish he was with me that night. He would have loved it.

Today I have a 8.5 mile hike to go on by myself though I did just join a hiking group online. Everyone keeps going, Who are you going with? No one! It is just Storm and nature. My mom is convinced I will be killed by a serial killer. Also, my parents got me that bike! I am so very excited for that! That is my post today, now I am going to enjoy an orange.


Mad Men

I caved. I have started watching Mad Men on Netflix!

I have also been eating poorly. Which is bad. I won’t even go into it.

There is a birthday celebration I will be going to tonight. Beer, food, dancing, and fun!

On Monday I will be doing an 8.5 mile hike, then on Tuesday I am getting a bike from my parents!  🙂  I am going to be working up to biking long distances. I want to do a 60 mile bike ride on the Katy trail this summer. Then I would bike back, so, 120 miles in all! I am stoked for this warm weather coming soon!

I will have more to report tomorrow, then I will disappear for a few days with my hiking trip, then I am heading to my parents who do not have internet.

Excitement for Hiking, Biking, and Walking

This is just a quick little update before I head into work for the night.

I have decided that one my weeks off from work I want to try and get at least 15-20 hours of walking, biking, or hiking. I am very excited because for Monday I have an hike planned. I don’t know how many hours the hike will be, it is an 8.5 mile hike, so I will let you know the time when I get back. After the hike I plan on visiting my parents and doing some much needed laundry.

I will also work on planning a very long biking trip, of course first I have to get a bike. More details on this one later.

This is my new plan, juice while working, eat and extreme hike/bike in my off days. 🙂

Wish me luck on my first outdoor adventure fun time. If you have any tips, let me know.

Stormy in St. Louis

St. Louis is about to get hit with some SEVERE thunderstorms. It hit once already and lifted just long enough for me to drive home and not get wet, so that was lucky.

Did not juice at all yesterday. Ate horribly too. Started the day with a big salad, like I mentioned. At work ate the rest of a calzone that was delivered to work as a freebie from “Sauce on the Side”. If you are ever in STL, I would check them out. So very yummy! So, half of this Calzone was left. Ate half of the half for lunch, then the other quarter for dinner. Not healthy, but at least I split it up.

I have also been very emotional lately, which sucks, been doubting my relationship, which I won’t go into, and in general am just anxious about my future. I think if I get some good sleep in and clean my apartment in a therapeutic sort of way, I will feel better, but since I drank a soda, I am now artificially wide awake and that sucks. If I was juicing I would be tired right now and enjoying a nice sleep through a big storm. It is actually better I don’t sleep though, just in case of a tornado. The last to hit the Downtown area was in 1959 BUT we have had one hit just recently in Hazelwood, right outside of the city, and last year one hit the airport, about a half an hour away from the city, so it’s been some close calls. The STL is the most tornado affected urban area in the United States. I would hate to go to sleep just to wake up dead from a tornado.

Ending the juice fast

I have pretty much given up on my juice fast and have regressed to the eat one healthy meal, juice two. This works for me. I still lose weight, but I still get to eat a meal. I like it. My meal today was a BIG salad full of great healthy things like romaine, broccoli, carrots, and cucumber. Thing I love about veggies, eat as many as you want, fill yourself up, and you’re still eating the right thing!

Last night, not so good though. Before work I had a bean burger with cucumber slices and broccoli on the side, not too bad. I had a sugar craving like nobody’s business though last night. Probably because I am starting that time of the month, but man, I ate a few pieces of candy I stole out of guests welcome bags and I had a cinnamon raison bagel with peanut butter on top. If I would have had a dollar, I would have bought a straight up Hershey’s chocolate bar. I had it in my head, if ANYONE tips me, that is a sign from the universe that I should eat the candy bar. This guy checks in, who has tipped EVERY time he’s checked in, so in my mind I was thinking, “Oooooooo, I am getting a candy bar.” At the end of the transaction he walks away, no tip. It’s like the universe not only said no, but bitch slapped me for stealing candy. Well played universe.

I had two juices ready to go last night, but that bagel filled me up so much that I wasn’t able to drink them, so I have them for tonight. Yay.

So, nothing else to report really. I will carry on with eating fruits and veggies, try to avoid sweets even though sometimes the craving just get so bad I will probably buy a Hershey’s Cookie and Cream candy bar (My new favorite).

What was in the trashcan?

Phew, I just woke up from a very deep sleep. It was a good sleep though. STL has had some rain and storms and that always makes me sleep well. I had a dream that I was at a cigar bar, called “Bob’s burger’s and meats” and they also supplied the burgers to my favorite bar in STL Syberg’s, and the “cigar artist” was really hot and I wasn’t smoking a cigar but practicing making one. Then these three old women sit down and they’re talking about how they may be old but they still love to live and they’re now children of leisure. The cigar bar guy, I think is asking me for my number but is in fact asking me if I knew the girls across the bar, and they were two girls I went to high school with. Well they came over, and the cigar man ends up giving us tests back like we were all still in a class together. I had only gotten a 4%, this other girl got 100%, and I was so embarrassed because I wanted to go on a date with him.


Juicing! I messed up yesterday. I had the first two juices but then this guest came in, really awesome old man with amazing stories, ordered pizza and cheese sticks and INSISTED, would not stop offering, me and Cameron a slice. I finally broke down, after saying no about 7 times, had a slice and one cheese stick. It was sooooo good too. I weighed myself afterwards, still lost 2 pounds, but dang, messed up. I did want to binge eat after that one slice on muffins that we serve for breakfast, but I did not.  I stand by the fact that when I am off a juice fast NO ONE offers me food, when I am on one, EVERYONE offers me food. Yesterday it was two Doubletree cookies from my friend who works down the street, last night it was pizza. I mean, COME ON!

Anyway, my juices.

Juice One: Kale and apple. I just needed a quick small juice before work. It was good.

Juice Two: Spinach, little broccoli, parsley, celery, kale, romaine, an apple, and some coconut water. Call it a green blast since I use so many green ingredients.

The funny thing that happened last night is Cameron found a pornography magazine in the trash can in the lobby. It’s funny for two reasons: 1. We didn’t expect it to be there and naked people are funny. 2. Who still buys pornography magazines? Haven’t they discovered the internet yet?

The rest of the night was really uneventful. I read a lot of World War Z and am almost done with it. SUCH a good zombie novel. Read it if you haven’t and you love the zombie genre.


Sad Day For Boston

My deepest sympathy goes out to all those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing. I hope they catch and then lethally inject whatever evil individual caused this. Very sad.

Also, my mom is now officially freaking out about me going to school there. I am trying to explain to her things like this can happen anywhere, but you know moms. I have been to Copley Square before, and it is such a beautiful area, I can’t believe something so tragic has taken place there.

On to juicing.

I finished my Day 2 of 7. Today was hard though, hunger craving hit and I just wanted so bad to go into my favorite local bar and get a veggie burger or a buffalo chicken salad. I remained strong though!

My first juice yesterday was 3 kale leaves, handful of grapes, and a couple carrots. It was very yummy.

My second juice was spinach, a splash of coconut water, three small broccoli pieces, and an apple.

My third juice was spinach, a splash of coconut water, two carrots, and an apple.

I also have been drinking a ton of water.

Work last night was incredibly slow, which is funny because today had less check in’s than yesterday, so tonight’s shift should be slower, which means I will see NO ONE. I am fine with that. I just need to find something good on Netflix for tonight. Maybe I will start watching Mad Men. Everyone tells me I need to see that show.

I did weigh myself to see where I was starting weight wise, I am at 211 now, I was down to 208, but I ate so much in Southern California and when I got back I am really not surprise I went up. Now I don’t plan on weighing in till after the juice fast is done.