I just shocked myself with calories!

I am currently decompressing from work. It was super slow, super boring, but something about those do nothing nights, I don’t like. Wipe me out mentally. Then there are the nights that are TOO busy, see the post on Saturday about Friday night, that wipe me out physically and mentally. Perfect night is just the right amount of being busy to fight off the boredom.

Nutrition yesterday was okay. I ate 3 banana’s! Potassium! They were spread out over the day, one when I woke up, one midway through work, one nearish the end.  I had a sandwich that I need to name, I name it, the Green Machine sandwich, a couple hours before work.

Basically I took one avocado, mashed it up with a fork. Then into that I added some shelled, unsalted sunflower seeds. Mixed that up some more. Then I took my roll, you can use bread, pita, whatever, put the tiniest bit of mayo on it, spinach, then scooped my avocado mixture on there. Bam, green machine sandwich. It was awesome.

I had a tiny bit of granola.

I also had a juice. This one was half a purple cabbage, spinach, an orange, and half a cucumber. It was very good, a nice green color.

Now, for my very naughty thing. I have a buddy who works at the double tree and you know what they give upon check in? COOKIES. He always brings my security guard and I cookies! They are sooo good too! I ate, not one, but two! Argg. I know I shouldn’t have, but I haven’t had any sweets in so long I couldn’t resist. I will make sure to do a kettle bell work out today to work some of it off.

Yesterday was the most calories I’ve had in a day in a while. Most of the calories were good calories, I think I still ended up being well under 2, 000. Let me do some quick calculating.

Roll: 240 Avocado: 322 Sunflower Seeds: 165 Mayo: 57 Spinach: 7 WOW! 791! More than I thought

3 banana’s: 315

Little granola: 100 calories

2 cookies 630

One juice which is probably 130 or so. So, all in all, I had around 1,966 calories, which is under the 2,000 mark, barely. Those cookies really put me over. Wow. I change my mind, my nutrition was not okay! I can’t believe if I woulnd’t have had those cookies I would have been closer to the 1, 200 mark. Dang. Oh well, today is a new day, I will just make sure to eat super healthy tonight.





2 thoughts on “I just shocked myself with calories!

  1. I would say don’t stress too much since it was only one day. I guess you can indulge once in a while without overthrowing your diet. In any case, keep up the good work!

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