Stormy in St. Louis

St. Louis is about to get hit with some SEVERE thunderstorms. It hit once already and lifted just long enough for me to drive home and not get wet, so that was lucky.

Did not juice at all yesterday. Ate horribly too. Started the day with a big salad, like I mentioned. At work ate the rest of a calzone that was delivered to work as a freebie from “Sauce on the Side”. If you are ever in STL, I would check them out. So very yummy! So, half of this Calzone was left. Ate half of the half for lunch, then the other quarter for dinner. Not healthy, but at least I split it up.

I have also been very emotional lately, which sucks, been doubting my relationship, which I won’t go into, and in general am just anxious about my future. I think if I get some good sleep in and clean my apartment in a therapeutic sort of way, I will feel better, but since I drank a soda, I am now artificially wide awake and that sucks. If I was juicing I would be tired right now and enjoying a nice sleep through a big storm. It is actually better I don’t sleep though, just in case of a tornado. The last to hit the Downtown area was in 1959 BUT we have had one hit just recently in Hazelwood, right outside of the city, and last year one hit the airport, about a half an hour away from the city, so it’s been some close calls. The STL is the most tornado affected urban area in the United States. I would hate to go to sleep just to wake up dead from a tornado.


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