Too much party. :)

I went to my buddy’s birthday party on April 20th, and boy was it fun.

Went to a piano bar, the Jive and Wail, from 7:30 to 10:30, which is fun but 3 hours in a piano bar is just too much! We ate dinner there, I had a French dip sandwich. Everyone else was eating appetizers AND a dinner. I was like, No thank you to that, TOO much food! I was right too. Everyone was saying how the appetizers were the size of meals. I did not eat my fries either. My French dip was yummy, roast beef you dip in yummy salty goodness.

Then the dancing, yes the dancing. Had so much fun. After 10:30 we went to this Lounge called “Lucas Park Grille”. One of the higher end bars on Washington Avenue in St. Louis. If you go, they have these specialty cocktails that, while 9 dollars a drink, are works of art in a glass. Always yummy. I had a “midnight Russian” which had nutmeg sprinkled on top. Very good. And then…more dancing…

Then me and another girl went to an after hours club AFTER the club, Pop’s. It’s in East St. Louis, where there are 24 hour bars. Played air hockey and a game where you punch a bag. Then…more dancing…. 🙂 It was fun.

Then I ate hot pockets at 6 AM when I got home and talked to my boy as he got on a plane to go the Caymans. I miss him a lot. I wish he was with me that night. He would have loved it.

Today I have a 8.5 mile hike to go on by myself though I did just join a hiking group online. Everyone keeps going, Who are you going with? No one! It is just Storm and nature. My mom is convinced I will be killed by a serial killer. Also, my parents got me that bike! I am so very excited for that! That is my post today, now I am going to enjoy an orange.



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