Time to go on all veggies!!!!

These next 6 days will be ONLY veggies, fruit, and water. I am hoping to give my body a huge boost of nutrients and cleanse my body before I head up to Chicago, then the boy comes to STL for fun, then I head to Boston for a housing fair. I have contacted their financial aid, but there is nothing I can do til next week. I want to know NOW if I can get the money for school though. I am sure that there are ways to get money. I hope. I need to go to school next year. Pretty sure I mentioned that I’ve felt my life has been stagnant for a while now, besides the traveling. Traveling has been the only thing that makes me feel alive. That’s why I need school, I never felt this way when I had school to challenge my mind. Right now I just have a job that I can now do half asleep. No real challenges, just annoying little problems that aggravate me to no end. Sometimes people come to me with what they consider problems, and I just think, this is not a problem! A humming from your fridge is not a problem! I had a guy the other night, swore he could hear a buzzing in his room. Went to the room, nothing. NOTHING! He asked if he was crazy and I almost said, yes! Instead I just moved him and said something about how people have trouble sleeping in new environments sometimes. 

That hike I took, did I mention mosquito’s ate me alive. Yeah, over 200 bites all over me. It looks like I have some terrible disease! 

My sleep schedule is all out of whack. I am sure by 4 AM tonight at work I am going to be nodding off. Hopefully it is a quiet night. 

I think it is going to storm tonight…

Hiking Castlewood, Lone Elk, and a Bird Sanctuary.




Yes, that is a Bison. Before I hiked I took a drive through Lone Elk animal preservation area.


Then the world bird sanctuary.















Finally started actually hiking, though the start of the trail was at the sanctuary.




I wanted to take more pics of the trail but I was being eaten ALIVE by bugs. Probably have West Nile now. The two photo’s I regret missing are a deer leaping over the trail 10 feet in front of me and a pair of ducks I saw, a mallard and mrs. duck floating along like it was a lazy river. I estimate my hike to have been about 7 miles and it took me 2 1/2 hours. Afterwards my legs looked like this.


It was very muddy most of the way….


I watched a 90’s movie called “Committed” last night. I had another very BLEH day, go figure. So it was a movie and hot pockets for me.

Oh, the 90's. And that is her ring finger.

Oh, the 90’s. And that is her ring finger.

Committed is about a woman who is very dedicated to her marriage vows, or, hence the title, committed. So committed, in fact, she follows her husband from NYC to Texas to help him because the vows say “in good times and in bad.” The way she finds him is through some sort of universe voo-doo and kind of loses me here, but she finds him. She soon discovers he is not only improving his photography career but starting a whole new life, which includes dating other women. She is pretty much stalking him at this point. Jolene decides, screw it, he is just in a “spiritual wheelchair” and needs to be stuck by. She becomes friends with everyone in his life, including the mistress who had no idea about Jolene. There is a bunch of sitting outside his trailer, young Benicio Del Toro hitting on her, she does more voo-doo? It’s kind of weird. Then she is, well, committed to a psych ward where she looks deep down and decides it is better to leave the husband, who by the way is played by Luke Wilson, and go back to NYC and start her life over. Casey Affleck is in there too for some comic relief as her brother, he marries the husband’s girlfriend. I give this movie a B-. I do love the straight from the 90’s looks though. Red pleather pants and mid drifts. Ahhhh, the 90’s, when everyone seemed to just not give a crap about what they wore.

Why am I down now you may ask. Well, I am very worried about my financial aid for school. Also, I will make this the summer of major changes if I don’t get to go to school this year. Quitting my job, moving, all sorts of things. I feel like I have been stagnant for 3 years, even though I have done quite a bit of traveling. Stagnant though, stagnant.

I am going on a hike today, the weather isn’t suppose to get bad, but it will be up in the 80’s, which is hot for me so I have to bring lots and lots of water! I am not a hot weather person. I am planning on 14 miles. I want to head out of my apartment to buy food for it in about an hour. Look forward to another hiking post later today.

Also, NBC, if you’re reading which I doubt, I love Hannibal! It is the best new show you’ve come up with in a long time. DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!

A review of “The Other Woman” along with other things

I just watched The Other Woman on Netflix and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Made me cry a few times. It feels like I’ve been crying a lot in the past few days, sheesh. Anyway, it is about a woman who is a mistress, becomes pregnant, then upgrades from mistress to wife but the baby dies from SIDS when she is 3 days old. On top of that, has to deal with an 8 year old step son who is not very receptive to her. The film takes place in New York City and Central Park is almost as much of character as the actual characters. It shows Emelia (Natalie Portman) deal with the struggles of being a 2nd, younger, wife and with the loss of her child. Emelia makes mistakes, she is not always a lovable character but you can really feel the pain she is going through. Portman does a wonderful job acting as does Lisa Kudrow who plays the Ex-wife Carolyn. You want to dislike Kudrow, but you quickly realize she is just as hurt as Portman from losing a husband. Don’t get me wrong, she comes off as a cold bitch, but you still feel for her. That is some good acting. It is a film from IFC, so it had a very indie feel to it. The reason I enjoyed this feel so much is the emotions it conveys.

Diet wise, I have been doing better. Ate steamed veggies after work yesterday (with a grey goose and red bull).

When I woke up after a coma-like sleep, had a watermelon slice. Now I am having an orange and hard boiled eggs. A weird fact about my 10 year old stepbrother, he will only eat the yolks of hardboiled eggs, that’s the only way he will eat any egg. He doesn’t eat scrambled, over easy, fried, just the yolk of hardboiled eggs. Just the bad for you part of the egg. This kid is also an overweight 10 year old (like I was). I wish my parents would realize Ted would have a much better life if they taught him to eat right now! I am still trying to teach myself to eat right, and I am 25!

Really, really, considered late night taco bell but I don’t want all those calories and I don’t have any money. So. Skipping that. I crave it so much, I need to un-addict myself. Today was the first day, we’ll see if I can make it 3 months without taco’s.

I haven’t done much else. Talked to the boy. We’re in a better place than we were a few days ago.  I was very worried about us for a couple days.

I hate emotions!

I am so emotional right now! Crying every hour about my boyfriend, crying about being addicted to bad food, then eating said bad food because I am sad, then going to work and swallowing my feelings and putting on a brave face. Repeat cycle.

I did try filling out my Suffolk financial info again, but now when I go to pick a security picture it kicks me out. I tried calling the help number and got a voice mail. So annoying.

I went to my leasing office. I have 60 days to clean and pack up. I will be working hard on that.

I have decided to go on a couple mind clearing hikes within my next few days off. 6-14 mile ones. I may go several days in a row. Be prepared for many pictures of that.

At work they somehow have cut the Wi-Fi off in the back office, so the employee’s can’t use it. That means I can’t do anything on my computer at work even on extremely slow nights, super sad.

I had to kick out a room the other night for having a party. I gave the room 40 dollars back but forgot to put a note on the room so my manager thought I sold the room for 50 bucks and got mad. Then when I said I gave money back he was all like “WHY??? We don’t give money back on PARTIES?” Honestly, the room was very polite while leaving, which is usually not the case, so I gave a little money back. Usually there is a screaming person going “FUCK YOU! I am going to get a lawyer and you can’t do this and where is your manager and what’s the corporate number!!!! Yell, yell, yell.” Now my manager is mad at me, and AH!!!!!!!

I also left my phone charger at work and the last time that happened it was stolen. I asked my security guard to bring his. I hope mine is still there, I can’t really afford to buy a new one.

Overall, today has sucked and I am ready for tomorrow.

Oh, and I am on my period and the added emotional feelings suck.


I just ate a huge slice of watermelon, I am not hungry, but I just want to EAT. I want Hot Pockets or taco bell or chips or a buffalo chicken salad from Sybergs! Literally visualizing going and getting these things and salivating over them! I can’t wait to get a few days of healthy eating under my belt so the cravings stop.

I also decided to start taking a multi-vitamin. I get a lot of what I need from my fruits and veggies, but I think a little boost may be good too.

My electric was almost disconnected today, thank goodness I made a payment YESTERDAY! Just in time!! 🙂

Man. I want tacos.

Oh my goodness..that is an ass…

Work was so super calm last night it was amazing. I kept forgetting it was a Saturday. Where are the drunks? Where are the fights? Why do I have time to just chill and watch Coming to America??? I’m not complaining, I was just confused.

I did eat pretty well at work. Had a big plate of steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Then I had a very small piece of grilled chicken pizza that my security guard was given for finding the delivery drivers phone. Finished the day with a half a cinnamon bagel, no cream cheese or anything.

Today I had steamed edamame but also a candy bar. At work I only plan on steamed veggie’s though.

I do have to tell the world about this African American couple at work right now. I have no idea watch the guy does or the girl for that matter. He goes in and out of the hotel about 20 times a night. They always extend their stay in cash at about 5:30 AM. I’ve never smelled smoke or anything coming from their room, so that makes me think not drug dealers which my security guard thought because of the constant coming and going in the middle of the night and the cash payments. I am kind of thinking club promoter. What I do have to mention is this girl’s ass. Has to be implants, literally looks like two basketballs have been glued to her behind. I could actually set a glass of water on it and it wouldn’t spill. She could be a famous stripper, making a special appearance at the East Side clubs, that would explain the hours and the cash. Maybe he is a club promoter. If that was the case though, I wouldn’t think he’d be coming and going so much. Every morning too they ask where certain things are, like two days ago they got directions to Saks fifth avenue and yesterday it was movie theaters. He said they’re from Memphis trying to figure out things to do in St. Louis. They are a mystery to me! I want to ask, but that would take the fun away from me guessing.

We also have two “Ladies of the Night” in house. Two white girls who I honestly thought were just party girls. One has crazy long blonde hair and is that sort of over done bad girl make up type. The brunette is pretty normal looking. I didn’t know they were working girls til last night when I saw the John’s going up. They hadn’t made any in house calls the two days before and I saw them walking in the other night with ten shopping bags each from stores like Nordstrom and Bebe. Apparently that line of work pays well. The blonde I know for a fact has no idea how to do laundry. She came down asking if there was dry cleaning on Saturday, I said no they are closed on weekends but we do have a coin laundry on the 2nd floor. She says, and I quote, “I don’t know how to do that.” Whoa. I kind of gave her a look like…seriously…..

The problems with in house working girls is they always eventually cause problems. They’ll last a month, no issues, just a revolving door of men. Then, things happen. Like I will tell you.

Two in house were having john’s up to the room. She comes downstairs to the desk, “THIS MAN HAS STOLEN MY PHONE!” Apparently, the new thing in the world of hookers is they take your picture on their phone and say they will turn you in if you tell anyone (oh the things you learn on the night shift). This girl must have done that, the guy goes, “Nope.” Steals the phone, runs down 11 flights of stairs, out the back. She calls the police. They ask, “How do you know this guy?” (there are two girls, because being a hooker by yourself may get you murdered) The one says “You know him from that party right?” “No, girl, he’s that guy you met at the gas station.” “No, no, no, you knew him through Tyrone.” At this point both the cop and I have the looks of …..seriously…….  Cop “Where do you work?” “I am unemployed.” says hooker 1. “Where do you live?” “The Tremont Hotel.” To the other hooker “Well, where do you work?” “I am unemployed too.” Hooker 2 replies “Where do YOU live?” “I live in this hotel.” The cop eventually says, well if you don’t give me any info I can’t find this guy. Hooker 1 “My boyfriend (she means pimp) is gonna kill me!”

We had live-in tranny hookers who one day thought it was appropriate to come down to breakfast, no panties, and let it ALL hang out. Yeah…kicked out for that… In their room were SOOOO many sex toys and nonsense. Oh my goodness.

I could go on and on with these stories because during night audit you see that part of humanity that normal day-walkers don’t get a chance to see. The seedy, underside of everything. It is definitely not the job for those weak of heart. You see the saddest, worst parts of, well, everything. You also see funny things. A give and take.

It’s been a while!

Hello blogging world! It has been a while since I have posted so I guess it is time to update!

The boy was in town for a whole week straight, which is why I have not been online at all. My Farmville Farm is dead actually…

While he was in town though, I ate everything in the world that was bad for me. Chinese, pizza, hot dog, mac and cheese, a couple salads and broccoli made their ways in, turkey burger, pasta, probably all the alcohol in St. Louis, etc. It was so yummy but my body feels awful for it. So, while I’m not juicing this week I am on a very veggie diet. So far today for breakfast I ate broccoli slaw. Then tonight at work I will either have a steamable broccoli, cauliflower carrot mix or watermelon. Haven’t decided yet. I am on healthy food again, I may juice the week after.

I have worked the past two days and both nights have been slow. We have a group of about 190 kids in house but they are very well chaperoned (my favorite type of kids) so I don’t see them much, which is fine by me.

Blues are out of the play offs, which is sad since I’ve started liking hockey in the past two years. Cardinals are doing very well though, so that is nice.

I have a lot to accomplish in the next week so I made a list! Here is said list:

1. Fill out the financial info for Suffolk online, pay 21 dollar fee.

2. Contact Suffolk on how to find a room mate up there.

3. Deep clean kitchen.

4. Deep clean living room.

5. Deep clean Bedroom.

6. Deep clean Bathroom.

7. Make a list of repairs the apartment needs.

8. Make an appointment with my apartments office to tell them I am moving out.

9. Contact best friend about staying with her.

10. Bill paying.

11. Figuring out where my furniture is going.

12. Figuring out where my car is going.

13. Giving notice at work.

14. Groceries

15. Bleach work shirts.

That is my list and I gave myself a due date of the 16th. The things crossed off are the ones I did today.

I want to say I have a ton of interesting stories from the boy being in town, but I don’t really. We did what we always do, go out, bowl, and just all around enjoy eachother’s company.

I am planning a hike for next week when I am off of work with my friend Allison. Should be fun. 14 miles all together. 🙂 We just have to get our work schedules compared.

I feel like I had so much more to say but I can’t think of anything!


I thought I made a new friend…..

I went out last night to wish my best friend Jackie a bon voyage. She is leaving for Hawaii for month with the Navy, which is exciting. Also there was a random girl from my high school. Small world really, she went to the beginning of high school with me, moved away and finished high school with Jackie, then Jackie and I became best friends in college, and I find out she is friends with this girl Betty. Betty was a year younger than me, we semi-ran in the same circles, but weren’t good friends or anything. Her nickname is high school was “Big Bird”, which isn’t very nice, but she grew into an absolutely stunning looking woman. She is gorgeous now. She does Cross Fit with Jess and will now be joining us on our 120 mile 2 day bike ride.

They left right after the Blues game ended and I decided to stay for one more beer. I start talking to this interesting woman next to me. I think things are going awesome, we talk about hiking, where we’re from (she is also from around where I lived growing up, again small world), just chat about life in general. Then a rap song comes on. I ask if she played it, because she had an app on her phone which was connected to the juke box, she said, “No, I hate this shit. I’m a racist.”  Yep. That is what she said. It was one of those moments in your head you just go, “ooohhh..no.” She even used the N-word in the next line like, “I hate when they play this N***** music.” Damnit! I was so excited to have a new hiking buddy and I had put an hour’s worth of conversation in, and then she turns out to be a racist! Sigh. We did exchange numbers and part of me so badly wants to invite her out with just my black friends and inter-racial couples. Why do things like this happen to me? My manager the other day told me “Storm, I never thought you would date outside your race.” What? Why? I mean, I’ve only had one boyfriend since I’ve known this manager and he happens to be white, but I am equal opportunity dater. I would date anyone as long as they seem intelligent and are nice and of course give me attention. In conclusion, I attract racists as friends and apparently seem like I don’t want the races to mix. What the hell.

Off work for a few days!

I get to be off work for the next 7 days. I also get to see the boy this weekend. 🙂

I was going to go on a 14 mile hike tomorrow but the weather forecast calls for a 90% chance of rain! Starting with storms tonight! I was still going to go, buy a poncho and pack it along. But then I received this endearing text for my boy after telling him that I will call off the hike because he was scared for me,

🙂 Phew. I am glad. Was worried about you trapped and scared in a thunderstorm.

I honestly think this was one of the cutest little texts I’ve ever gotten! Really made me go, awwwww.

Work was boring. Nothing happened. I watched some Mad Men. I am at the end of Season 3 about to start 4.

Since I will not be doing the big hike tomorrow, I will try and do 2-3 mile ones while the boy goes into the STL office. We are long distance, but I meet up with him all over the United States. We see each other sometimes as often as every two weeks, but sometimes have to go with only seeing each other once a month. This has been a once a month kind of stretch.

I think if I was a Mad Men character I would be Peggy, even though I am shaped like Joan. If I could be a male character I would be Ron Sterling because he is the funniest character.

Nothing on the diet to report except bad, so I won’t report it. In a week I should be back to juicing and post recipes though.