Off work for a few days!

I get to be off work for the next 7 days. I also get to see the boy this weekend. 🙂

I was going to go on a 14 mile hike tomorrow but the weather forecast calls for a 90% chance of rain! Starting with storms tonight! I was still going to go, buy a poncho and pack it along. But then I received this endearing text for my boy after telling him that I will call off the hike because he was scared for me,

🙂 Phew. I am glad. Was worried about you trapped and scared in a thunderstorm.

I honestly think this was one of the cutest little texts I’ve ever gotten! Really made me go, awwwww.

Work was boring. Nothing happened. I watched some Mad Men. I am at the end of Season 3 about to start 4.

Since I will not be doing the big hike tomorrow, I will try and do 2-3 mile ones while the boy goes into the STL office. We are long distance, but I meet up with him all over the United States. We see each other sometimes as often as every two weeks, but sometimes have to go with only seeing each other once a month. This has been a once a month kind of stretch.

I think if I was a Mad Men character I would be Peggy, even though I am shaped like Joan. If I could be a male character I would be Ron Sterling because he is the funniest character.

Nothing on the diet to report except bad, so I won’t report it. In a week I should be back to juicing and post recipes though.

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