A review of “The Other Woman” along with other things

I just watched The Other Woman on Netflix and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Made me cry a few times. It feels like I’ve been crying a lot in the past few days, sheesh. Anyway, it is about a woman who is a mistress, becomes pregnant, then upgrades from mistress to wife but the baby dies from SIDS when she is 3 days old. On top of that, has to deal with an 8 year old step son who is not very receptive to her. The film takes place in New York City and Central Park is almost as much of character as the actual characters. It shows Emelia (Natalie Portman) deal with the struggles of being a 2nd, younger, wife and with the loss of her child. Emelia makes mistakes, she is not always a lovable character but you can really feel the pain she is going through. Portman does a wonderful job acting as does Lisa Kudrow who plays the Ex-wife Carolyn. You want to dislike Kudrow, but you quickly realize she is just as hurt as Portman from losing a husband. Don’t get me wrong, she comes off as a cold bitch, but you still feel for her. That is some good acting. It is a film from IFC, so it had a very indie feel to it. The reason I enjoyed this feel so much is the emotions it conveys.

Diet wise, I have been doing better. Ate steamed veggies after work yesterday (with a grey goose and red bull).

When I woke up after a coma-like sleep, had a watermelon slice. Now I am having an orange and hard boiled eggs. A weird fact about my 10 year old stepbrother, he will only eat the yolks of hardboiled eggs, that’s the only way he will eat any egg. He doesn’t eat scrambled, over easy, fried, just the yolk of hardboiled eggs. Just the bad for you part of the egg. This kid is also an overweight 10 year old (like I was). I wish my parents would realize Ted would have a much better life if they taught him to eat right now! I am still trying to teach myself to eat right, and I am 25!

Really, really, considered late night taco bell but I don’t want all those calories and I don’t have any money. So. Skipping that. I crave it so much, I need to un-addict myself. Today was the first day, we’ll see if I can make it 3 months without taco’s.

I haven’t done much else. Talked to the boy. We’re in a better place than we were a few days ago.  I was very worried about us for a couple days.

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