A blog!

I kind of forgot about this blog. The last post I was homeless! DAH! I am happy to report I am no longer living on a couch. Boy, my life has changed though. 

I don’t juice fast anymore, but I do need to incorporate it back into my diet. I am pretty unhealthy right now. I need to get back to focusing on my diet and exercise. 

Law school fell through. I couldn’t get approved for a loan because I have bad credit. So, that caused a good amount of depression. Also, when that fell through is when I broke up with that guy. You know, the one I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. So, all of a sudden I did not have my career goal and I did not have the love of my life anymore. Then I was living on a couch. It was a new low. 

I have picked myself up though. Making a comeback. I live in a house now. The way I found it is kind of crazy. I am renting a room I found on Craig’s List! It is a gigantic ranch style house and I have 3 other roommates, I will be having a 4th when they find someone to take the empty room. Two guys live upstairs then another girl and I live in the basement level. It is such a cool house though. We have our own bathroom downstairs and kitchenette. The backyard is gigantic with a fire pit and gazebo. The main kitchen is awesome. I love this house.

I have also started a career with Aflac. I work there and the hotel, but I am hoping within the next 5-9 months to quit the hotel and just be a salesperson. I do love the extra money I have right now. 

I am dating now. It has not been very satisfying. One guy actually canceled on me today to watch the AFC and NFC championship games. That was disappointing. Another guy is REALLY into me, but I don’t dig him like that. Another is okay. Then the fourth is kind of boring. I really shouldn’t be dating anyone. I don’t feel a spark with any of them. One of my friends says that it’s because I am looking for my ex and the passion we have and I have to realize that I may not find the exact feeling I had with him. If that is true, that is downright depressing. That means I have already peaked with my ex and now I have to settle for mediocre. Maybe it’s just these guys. Or maybe I will die alone. Alone with a lot of money from a successful insurance career. and cats. 

I am glad the Bronco’s are going to the superbowl. I don’t hate the Patriots or anything, I just didn’t want to see them in the superbowl again. Also, I have thought the Bronco’s were going since early in the season. I am watching the Seahawks game now. One thing that makes me irked is when the Rams were the greatest show on turf, we would get incredibly loud and then they would fine the team. The Seahawk fans are loud or louder than the Rams fans were and they get no fines. I am ready for baseball to start again. 

So, lets see, went over love life, went over career, I don’t have much else. 

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