Prospect, Prospect, Prospect

As an Aflac associate, most of my time is spent prospecting. Now, I feel dumb because January was super lazy about it and got zero accounts. I know that I will only achieve great things if I apply myself, so February is going to be crazy with prospecting. My goal is to have 3 or 4 new accounts going by the end of February.

My state kick off meeting was this past Saturday and I got to listen to some very moving people. One being the VP of our territory and he inspired me to work hard. He started as an associate and now he is a VP! His advice is to make sure to do block scheduling, get organized, and get those 30-40 accounts each year for the first 3 years.

The second inspiring speaker was a woman who was a regional sales coordinator with Aflac and then she got the worst news ever, cancer. Aflac was built on cancer policies so she knew financially she would be fine. It took many years and a very experimental treatment, but she is now cancer free and Aflac supported her this entire time. This story hit close to home for me because my mom also had cancer, she’s fine now, and she has an Aflac cancer AND hospital indemnity plan. She did not worry about money for one moment of her cancer battle. People think of cancer and they think of the emotional side of it, but never the cost of the disease and it is an EXPENSIVE disease. Besides having the foundation for a great career, I am glad to be helping people protect their finances.