This blog is about my juicing. I have gained 36 pounds in the past couple years and I want it gone. Decided to make juicing a part of my regular diet. It won’t be easy. I love eating things like sandwiches, pizza, ice cream, but if I want to be healthy, I need to get this weight off and incorporate veggies into every meal.
I am using this blog to document my progress or failure.
My name is Storm. I am originally from a small town in Missouri and moved to the big city of St. Louis about 7 years ago for school. I am 25 now and will be going to Law School in the fall up in Boston. I currently work nights in a hotel and you will get some stories from that experience until I am in school. My undergrad degree was in History. Some of the things I love to do are travel, watch movies, read good books, and I am quite a good cook too. The past couple years I have been all over the United States. A few of the places are New York City, Chicago, Louisville, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, L.A., Kansas City, and even Toronto up in Canada. This is probably the last summer I have of “freedom” before I entire the world of law school, so I plan on hiking a lot and traveling a ton.


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