Hannibal the Cannibal!

First day of juicing down. Yay! I am not nearly as hungry as I was the last time I started juicing. Probably because my juices focus on veggie’s way more now. I think those fill you up and give you more energy, while the fruit based ones give you sugar highs.

Here is a breakdown of my juices.

Juice 1: 2 kale leaves, 1 orange, and 1 small cucumber. This juice was so energizing. I drank it at 9:30 PM and had great energy til 1:30 AM and my next juice. It also tasted very yummy.

Juice 2: 1 kale leaf, 2 cups spinach, 1 apple,  3 carrots, broccoli and 1 whole celery stalk. Juice was good considering I hate celery juice! I barely tasted it though. Again, energizing, filling, lasted til my last juice at 6:15 AM.

Juice 3: 1 cup spinach, 3 carrots, 1 whole celery stalk, broccoli and an orange.  Tasted good, I was walking home and finishing it. That was nice. I love walking home to decompress at the end of a hard shift, which last night was. About midway through the shift I wished I had started juicing on Sunday so I could be stress eating. But I stood strong.

Last night wouldn’t have been bad except all these drunk tearing up the lobby and one group on the 8th floor who were part of a frat and assholes. I almost kicked a room of them out. Three noise complaints on them, three! They had the gall to say “It wasn’t us.” Then the whole “I wasn’t even in my room! It was someone else.” Listen buddy, you are responsible for anyone you let in your room. I can’t help you have bad taste in friends. Ack, I didn’t kick them out though, because that would have resulted in an issue with the whole frat and they had 17 rooms, I honestly did not want to deal with that. I used this threat “Okay, you can stay, but one complaint, on ANY of the rooms, the whole Frat is leaving.” They agreed and settled down. Well, settle is relative, they all came downstairs and were really loud.

I never understood Frat and Sororities anyway. To me it seems like it is saying, If you pay your dues you will have friends. Oh yeah, and we’re going to judge you, maybe abuse you before we let you join.

Then there was another group of drunkies that were there for a bridal shower. One of them took a bag of popcorn and just flung it EVERYWHERE! Dicks.

There were some drunkie’s that really just sat in one spot and drank beer for at least 8 hours, maybe more. They were down there when my security guard Cameron arrived at 7 PM and went to bed at 3 AM. They were fine except they left a mess. Bitches.

That was work. I had to yell at some college kids and clean for a couple hours.

I want to tell you guys about my TV habits, what I like and a brand new show I love.

I watch a lot of comedies, The Office, The Mindy Show, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Bob’s Burgers. I also love Law and Order: SVU. I don’t know why I do, I just do. Some of my favorite drama’s are Breaking Bad, Weeds, The Tudors, Once Upon a Time, Lost, and The United States of Tara.

The new show that I am absolutely in love with is Hannibal on NBC. They really have hit it out of the park with this show. I mean, the writing is great, it is shot very well, the characters are interesting, I can’t wait to see more.

The basic plot is Hannibal Lector is helping Will Grant with his mental state while Will is solving psychopathic murders. Will has Asperger’s, I think, it may be autism, and such a vivid imagination he can actually picture the crime as it took place and it has a pretty deep effect on his psyche. That’s where Lector comes in, providing some psychiatric treatment to Will.   It does take place in present day, so there are Ipads and modern crime solving technology. Hannibal is actually played by an old Bond villain, and he is awesome, Mads Mikkelsen. Will Grant is skillfully played by Hugh Dancy. Also, the way it is shot kind of reminds me of CSI, but a much darker CSI.  I would check it out if you like dark thrillers. Be warned, much blood and gore.


Spicy Black Bean Burgers

I am in a better mood today. Thank goodness.

I have been addicted to Breaking Bad the past couple days. It is such a good show. I am glad they don’t glamorize meth either, because it is a dirty drug that should be shown as the life-ruiner it is. Bryan Cranston holds the whole show up in my mind. He is absolutely amazing in the role of Walter White.

One think I think about breaking bad, because that’s what my dad was, he was a cook of meth, is that every “cook” thinks they are Walter White. They aren’t though. Every person I ever met in my life who was in the meth world, and unfortunately that was most of the adults I met growing up, they were tweakers. There aren’t Walter White’s. There aren’t people who are just concerned about the chemistry of the product. Most cooks start cooking to support their own habit. They go to prison, and they are addicts for life. Breaking Bad is great example of writing, it’s wonderfully acted in, but, it’s not reality.  The rural, back woods cooking on the gravel roads of Missouri, that’s real. If you want to keep a kid off meth, introduce them to a real meth head. I remember this one kid my dad sold to, he was 17, I was 13. I saw him 5 years later, no joke, the guy looked over 40. He would have been 22 and he was going nowhere. He came back to our house looking for my dad to cook, but my dad had been in prison for a few months at this point. 22 and this kids life is basically done. That’s meth. There’s nothing else to it. It takes a normal person and ruins them, so much brain damage is done they can never function properly again. Here’s a great website on the effects of meth, the permanent effects that I can vouch for, they exist, it isn’t hype. My father, from what I can remember, he can not feel pleasure like a normal person. He pursues a high to try and feel anything besides depression. He damaged the receptors in his brain to feel happiness. Oh, and his teeth, yeah, they look…like that…


I went over to my buddy’s Abby’s last night. We took her dog for a walk, I saw her new house, we ate quiche and drank wine. Then when her husband got home, we all started a puzzle together. Got pretty far on it. Then watched some stand-up comedy. Overall, what I ate wasn’t too bad.

When I got home I ate a couple black bean burgers with spinach and mustard. Pretty yummy.

I just had another black bean burger now. I like them quite a bit. After watching a ton more Breaking Bad I may clean and do a kettle bell work out. I haven’t decided yet.

Not much else to report here. I will be juicing again when I go back to work tomorrow, though I am running pretty low on produce but I don’t want to buy any until after my LA trip.