A new day 1

Tonight I start my first 7-day juice fast. I went produce shopping today and should have plenty to juice. At the store they were selling 5 oranges for a dollar…so I got ten! I will be having a lot of juices with an orange added in. 🙂

I also got cucumbers, parsley, romaine, purple cabbage, pears, frozen berries, apples, 10 lbs of carrots, spinach, sweet potato’s, and I am sure I am forgetting things, but my fridge is full of healthy goodness.

I go back to work for a few days tonight. My mom wants me to visit again, but I can not while on this juice fast. I swear, since she’s figured out this Law School thing is going to be a reality, she has slightly been freaking out! I love my mom, but geez woman! You’ve known since 2008 that I wanted to do my next form of schooling (in 2008 I wanted to go and get a Ph.d in history, my how times have changed) in Boston. You were with me the first time I went there to look at schools!! I did not just spring this on her! Sigh. Moms will be moms.