Why have the guests had such funny lines lately?

I don’t really have anything new to report. My diet has not been good lately and I know this is a juicing blog and I do intend to get back to it, I just needed a break. I have been eating mostly fruit at work but I still will get the occasional pizza slice from a guest, but when I get home, I won’t lie, been living on hot pockets and beer. This work week has felt SO long. I just want to be off. Also, the boy is coming in on Saturday, so I may just be waiting for that and it is making things feel slow.

Cardinals have lost 3 games in a row. 😦 Tonight it was against the Reds though, which they are a really good team and before that was the Pirates who have now taken our spot as number one. We have a terrible closing pitcher named Boggs. In one game this year he gave up 9 runs in the 9th inning. He reminds me of a pitcher we had at the beginning of our world series year named Franklin, who was AWFUL. Sad thing is, every player who plays on the world series team throughout the whole year gets a world series ring, so that guy has one and he was no good for the team. We also have a lot of hard hitting injuries. Other than that though, we have Molina who is still as amazing as ever. Holliday is really coming into his own as an outfielder. I think we have a solid team with a few glitches in the bullpen. That’s exactly how we started the year we won the world series though.

Work has been bleh. Though two guests had some really funny lines.

These two couples were checking in at 4:30 AM, which in hotel time is not the next day yet. I can get away with checking them in at 6 and having them stay the next night, but not within the 4 O’clock hour. So, I told them to come back at 6 if they wanted the next night too. One of the fellows though, he just wanted to go to bed, said “I don’t care about no second night. I’ll just go home and watch my DVR. My DVR is the shit. It’s better than this hotel. I just want my DVR.” I don’t know why, but I thought this was funny. All night I just kept say, “I just want my DVR!”

Another guest the next night, he came in with this tale. He was at the club, with some girls, and he sees his girlfriends friends there. According to him, “They weren’t even trippin though. So I thought everything was cool. They’ll tell my girl the next day and I’ll just deny it or some shit. Little did I know, they were texting my girl telling her to come to the club. So, there I am straight thuggin, thinking everything is cool.”

I reply, “I bet you weren’t thuggin when she got there.”

“I wasn’t thuggin, I was RUNNING.” He says back

That made me and Cameron laugh crazy hard. He obviously was kicked out of where he lived with his girl but he did end up bringing some girls back to his room that night. I hope it was worth it, because that sucks. I do know, I wish I had that girl’s friends to watch my back. Good friends.

That’s about all I have to update on. Still planning on the hike on Friday, the boy gets in Saturday, and depending on how his time is here I may not be updating after he gets here for a while. I will try and upload hiking photo’s from my phone though.