I thought I made a new friend…..

I went out last night to wish my best friend Jackie a bon voyage. She is leaving for Hawaii for month with the Navy, which is exciting. Also there was a random girl from my high school. Small world really, she went to the beginning of high school with me, moved away and finished high school with Jackie, then Jackie and I became best friends in college, and I find out she is friends with this girl Betty. Betty was a year younger than me, we semi-ran in the same circles, but weren’t good friends or anything. Her nickname is high school was “Big Bird”, which isn’t very nice, but she grew into an absolutely stunning looking woman. She is gorgeous now. She does Cross Fit with Jess and will now be joining us on our 120 mile 2 day bike ride.

They left right after the Blues game ended and I decided to stay for one more beer. I start talking to this interesting woman next to me. I think things are going awesome, we talk about hiking, where we’re from (she is also from around where I lived growing up, again small world), just chat about life in general. Then a rap song comes on. I ask if she played it, because she had an app on her phone which was connected to the juke box, she said, “No, I hate this shit. I’m a racist.”  Yep. That is what she said. It was one of those moments in your head you just go, “ooohhh..no.” She even used the N-word in the next line like, “I hate when they play this N***** music.” Damnit! I was so excited to have a new hiking buddy and I had put an hour’s worth of conversation in, and then she turns out to be a racist! Sigh. We did exchange numbers and part of me so badly wants to invite her out with just my black friends and inter-racial couples. Why do things like this happen to me? My manager the other day told me “Storm, I never thought you would date outside your race.” What? Why? I mean, I’ve only had one boyfriend since I’ve known this manager and he happens to be white, but I am equal opportunity dater. I would date anyone as long as they seem intelligent and are nice and of course give me attention. In conclusion, I attract racists as friends and apparently seem like I don’t want the races to mix. What the hell.

I knew someday I would find a dead body…

Oh my goodness. I have to tell you this story before anything else because it is SO disturbing and gross.

I have been walking to work to get a little extra exercise in, and today I was walking back and I notice something in this little grassy area I walk by. I notice a rat. Since I have been living in downtown St. Louis, I have seen 1 rat in 3 years about a year ago. So, I see the rat and go, hmm, a rat. Then I see it. In this grassy area there is a hobo shanty that is a tarp wrapped around a pine tree base. It has been there for 3 years, I’ve only seen the person who supposedly lives in it once. Today there were about 50-60 rats all around it, piling on top of each other to get in and out of it. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. There were these women who were directing traffic for the Color Run close by, so I ask, Hey, do you think I should call someone? They were like, Yeah, the police. So I call the police. I tell them what I found, leave a contact number, but decide not to stick around to see what is in the tarp…I don’t want to see that… What else could it be? I mean, I guess he could have left food out and they were climbing in to get that, but I have never ever seen that tarp with rats around it like that. Ack, now every sound I hear I think, “Is that a rat?”


My night at work was positive. I made 34 dollars in tips which is HIGHLY unusual. Front desk staff usually makes zero dollars in tips. I think the universe was thinking, here’s 34 dollars to prepare you for what is to come with the rats. I got 10 dollars for ordering a pizza for some drunks, 10 dollars for calling a cab, and 19 just for checking someone in. The 19 dollar one confused me the most.

I also met a new Cardinal’s player, Jermaine Curtis, for about 3 minutes. Looking back on it I should have gotten his autograph for my grandma in case he turns into a big shot. In 6th grade I got a 3rd string catcher’s autograph, who was that catcher? None other than Mike Matheny who went on to have an amazing career and has now taken Tony Larussa’s spot as manager on the St. Louis Cardinals!  

The night went smoothly though. Nutrition has been bad, bad, bad at my parents. Last night I ate an orange and a slice of pizza. Not terrible but not good. I am planning a 7 mile hike for Friday though. I will be juicing until Friday now. I don’t like to do these long hikes on just juice.

My 10 mile hike went well and now I own a bike! When the weather isn’t as rainy I will try and ride that quite a bit. I want to attempt a 60 mile bike ride in June one way, then 60 miles back. I am going to be training up to that. 🙂

Mad Men

I caved. I have started watching Mad Men on Netflix!

I have also been eating poorly. Which is bad. I won’t even go into it.

There is a birthday celebration I will be going to tonight. Beer, food, dancing, and fun!

On Monday I will be doing an 8.5 mile hike, then on Tuesday I am getting a bike from my parents!  🙂  I am going to be working up to biking long distances. I want to do a 60 mile bike ride on the Katy trail this summer. Then I would bike back, so, 120 miles in all! I am stoked for this warm weather coming soon!

I will have more to report tomorrow, then I will disappear for a few days with my hiking trip, then I am heading to my parents who do not have internet.

Excitement for Hiking, Biking, and Walking

This is just a quick little update before I head into work for the night.

I have decided that one my weeks off from work I want to try and get at least 15-20 hours of walking, biking, or hiking. I am very excited because for Monday I have an hike planned. I don’t know how many hours the hike will be, it is an 8.5 mile hike, so I will let you know the time when I get back. After the hike I plan on visiting my parents and doing some much needed laundry.

I will also work on planning a very long biking trip, of course first I have to get a bike. More details on this one later.

This is my new plan, juice while working, eat and extreme hike/bike in my off days. 🙂

Wish me luck on my first outdoor adventure fun time. If you have any tips, let me know.