I thought I made a new friend…..

I went out last night to wish my best friend Jackie a bon voyage. She is leaving for Hawaii for month with the Navy, which is exciting. Also there was a random girl from my high school. Small world really, she went to the beginning of high school with me, moved away and finished high school with Jackie, then Jackie and I became best friends in college, and I find out she is friends with this girl Betty. Betty was a year younger than me, we semi-ran in the same circles, but weren’t good friends or anything. Her nickname is high school was “Big Bird”, which isn’t very nice, but she grew into an absolutely stunning looking woman. She is gorgeous now. She does Cross Fit with Jess and will now be joining us on our 120 mile 2 day bike ride.

They left right after the Blues game ended and I decided to stay for one more beer. I start talking to this interesting woman next to me. I think things are going awesome, we talk about hiking, where we’re from (she is also from around where I lived growing up, again small world), just chat about life in general. Then a rap song comes on. I ask if she played it, because she had an app on her phone which was connected to the juke box, she said, “No, I hate this shit. I’m a racist.”  Yep. That is what she said. It was one of those moments in your head you just go, “ooohhh..no.” She even used the N-word in the next line like, “I hate when they play this N***** music.” Damnit! I was so excited to have a new hiking buddy and I had put an hour’s worth of conversation in, and then she turns out to be a racist! Sigh. We did exchange numbers and part of me so badly wants to invite her out with just my black friends and inter-racial couples. Why do things like this happen to me? My manager the other day told me “Storm, I never thought you would date outside your race.” What? Why? I mean, I’ve only had one boyfriend since I’ve known this manager and he happens to be white, but I am equal opportunity dater. I would date anyone as long as they seem intelligent and are nice and of course give me attention. In conclusion, I attract racists as friends and apparently seem like I don’t want the races to mix. What the hell.