Been absent

I have not been on WordPress for a while because I have not been following a nutrition or juicing plan, and this was suppose to be a blog about juicing. I have been walking quite a bit. My hiking has stopped because it has been storming here quite a bit and the trails have been flooding.

I have been working on getting my financial aid from Suffolk. I still have not heard anything! Every time I get something turned in they tell me I need another form or I need another institution to fax them something! So annoying. I am going to call them again tomorrow after I fax in yet ANOTHER form which they said they didn’t have yet I already faxed it and printed a communication journal from the fax machine and it said it came through okay. Grrrrrrr.

Good news is, I think I found roommates. That makes me excited. I have to Skype them tomorrow to see if they like me. Wish me luck! I hope they like me!!!!!!!

I am still in love with the show Hannibal. It is amazing.

Today I took lamps home from the hotel. I took three. The base of them are metal, very baroque. I wish the new renovated lamps were up for grabs. The new ones are beautiful. Black and sleek. I need to buy new shades for my new lamps. I am only keeping one for a desk lamp at school then giving two to my parents. I don’t think they need lamps, but who doesn’t need high quality hotel lamps. They are super dusty, like housekeeping hasn’t dusted them since they were put in the hotelĀ 6 years ago.

Speaking of the hotel, I have had an amazing week at work. Just a lot of fun, laughing, a good time. I haven’t had a week like this for a long time. It has been super awesome!

Cameron is leaving in early July which makes me sad. He is awesome and I will miss him being my security guard. He is going to be with his girl in Michigan and then go to school in the fall for psychology. I did tell him last night, if you get a general psychology degree you may want to think of specializations or graduate school since bachelor psychology degrees are very popular and the job market is very competitive. He is a very smart kid though and I am sure he has a plan. A very old soul as some hippie would say.

A stupid thing happened yesterday. My electric was turned off!! So, my bill said delinquent AFTER the 17th, and I got paid on the 18th, so I thought, not a big deal. One day after. Nope. They turned it off ON the 17th. I paid it in the early AM of the 18th and they turned it back on about 9 AM this morning, but still! I went from 10 AM-9PM in my home without electricity. Luckily I had a battery powered “torch” that also has a radio in it, so I just listened to the radio…in the dark…..then got ready to go in very dim light for work. It was also very hot because I had no air conditioning.

I am road tripping to Louisville tomorrow with the boy. Should be a good time. Then we are coming back to STL. šŸ™‚

I move out of my place on July 14th. I will be living with my buddy Jessie until August 20th. Then stay with my mom for about a week because she is not taking this “Storm moves to Boston” thing well. I will be back in January for a wedding, so it’s technically only a few months and we’ll see each other about as much as we do now that I live in STL. It’sĀ just I won’tĀ be able to drive home when dealing with breakups or financial difficulties. WeĀ all have to grow up sometime. I have been tellingĀ her, “Plus! You can visit me in awesome BOSTON!”Ā Moms will be moms.



A new day 1

Tonight I start my first 7-day juice fast. I went produce shopping today and should have plenty to juice. At the store they were selling 5 oranges for a dollar…so I got ten! I will be having a lot of juices with an orange added in. šŸ™‚

I also got cucumbers, parsley, romaine, purple cabbage, pears, frozen berries, apples, 10 lbs of carrots, spinach, sweet potato’s, and I am sure I am forgetting things, but my fridge is full of healthy goodness.

I go back to work for a few days tonight. My mom wants me to visit again, but I can not while on this juice fast. I swear, since she’s figured out this Law School thing is going to be a reality, she has slightly been freaking out! I love my mom, but geez woman! You’ve known since 2008 that I wanted to do my next form of schooling (in 2008 I wanted to go and get a Ph.d in history, my how times have changed) in Boston. You were with me the first time I went there to look at schools!! I did not just spring this on her! Sigh. Moms will be moms.