Making goals and drinking juice

Today’s meals were good. I did have fiesta eggs this morning, which are more veggies than eggs. Basically a green pepper, onion, jalapeno, two eggs, cumin, and chili powder. Pretty yummy.

I am drinking a juice meal now. This one is broccoli, one cucumber, 3 turnip green leaves, and an apple. Pretty good. I hope it brings a surge of energy. I have been so tired lately. Just weird.

I haven’t done much. These cold days make me just want to curl up in my bed and be in a coma. I have decided to make some goals to accomplish before going to Orlando on the 17th.

1) Go to H & R block and get my taxes fixed. They are in shambles and I have to get on a payment plan.

2) Do laundry. I have a plan to do that at my mom’s tomorrow which actually helps with goal 3.

3) Visit my mom and see her new house. I used to visit my mom every couple weeks and it has been about a month or more now.

4) Clean my apartment. Needs to be done.

5)Take a long walk. This goal will depend on how cold it remains outside.

6) Do at least 3 kettle bell work outs.

7) Keep up with juicing. At my mom’s this may be difficult because they are soooo unhealthy. I may have to make a solid vegetarian meal to make this visit healthier.

Those are my 7 goals for the week. Hopefully in my next few blogs you’ll see me saying, “I accomplished this goal today!”

I go to Orlando soon and I just planned a trip for LA in April. LA should have tons of juice bars, so it’ll probably be easy to juice out there. The only cuisine I really want to try there is authentic Mexican food. I have that goal and to see the walk of fame.

Not much else to update you guys on. Wish me luck on my 7 goals.