Feeling down

I am in a depression I can’t seem to get out of today. 😦 I think the main part is my boy lives so far away from me in Boston, actually he is on his way to London right now, and it makes me sad. Sometimes I want to be in a conventional relationship where I can just hang out with my boy whenever I want, but I feel like I will never find anyone as perfect as my current guy ever again. He tried making me feel better before his plane left saying, “We’ll be in L.A. together soon and then you’re coming up to Boston for law school, so if we can make it through these next few months, everything will be great.” Yeah, I’ll come up to Boston, be bogged down with law school which from all accounts takes over your entire life and I have the lofty goal of being president of the law review on top of that, so, even when I move up there, I will be so incredibly busy, I don’t know. We will just have to wait and see what happens. These depression’s have been hitting me since I was in middle school, so I’m used to having days where I just can’t muster the mental strength to get out of bed.

Yesterday and today’s nutrition were fails.

Yesterday I work up, ate a spinach, tomato, parm omelet, which wasn’t that unhealthy. Then I went out drinking watching the Cardinal’s game which we lost in terible fashion. Tried to play pin ball, both machines in my local bar were off. Played some Big Buck Hunter. Came home, ate a couple avocado’s and sunflower seeds, watched Project Runway. My diet has made drinking hard to gage. I had 4 vodka tonics and was done when I used to be able to drink like, 10. My guy has been trying to watch his nutrition too, which he doesn’t really have to do since he has the perfect body, and he’s noticed that he gets drunk a lot faster now too. We’ve decided we’re both light weights who were just eating too many heavy foods that we just couldn’t tell we were light weights.

So I slept all day, only getting up to drink water, realize I’m still depressed, then go back to sleep. Another thing that is just adding on to the depression is my biological father has been released from prison and he keeps trying to contact me and, get this, get me to give him my social security number. He’s a pretty bad guy. A meth addict. I want to change my number but all my law school contact info has this current number on it. I figure once I move to Boston I will get a cell phone plan up there and change it then. I will never have to worry about him showing up, calling me, basically stalking me. A whole new start.

I ate pizza today. Weird thing though, I used to be able to eat a whole medium, and I can’t anymore. I was just too full. I guess that is good thing. Tomorrow the nutrition will be back on track, I have a work out plan, and hopefully I will be out of this depression. Typing it up and sharing with the world has already helped a little.

I just shocked myself with calories!

I am currently decompressing from work. It was super slow, super boring, but something about those do nothing nights, I don’t like. Wipe me out mentally. Then there are the nights that are TOO busy, see the post on Saturday about Friday night, that wipe me out physically and mentally. Perfect night is just the right amount of being busy to fight off the boredom.

Nutrition yesterday was okay. I ate 3 banana’s! Potassium! They were spread out over the day, one when I woke up, one midway through work, one nearish the end.  I had a sandwich that I need to name, I name it, the Green Machine sandwich, a couple hours before work.

Basically I took one avocado, mashed it up with a fork. Then into that I added some shelled, unsalted sunflower seeds. Mixed that up some more. Then I took my roll, you can use bread, pita, whatever, put the tiniest bit of mayo on it, spinach, then scooped my avocado mixture on there. Bam, green machine sandwich. It was awesome.

I had a tiny bit of granola.

I also had a juice. This one was half a purple cabbage, spinach, an orange, and half a cucumber. It was very good, a nice green color.

Now, for my very naughty thing. I have a buddy who works at the double tree and you know what they give upon check in? COOKIES. He always brings my security guard and I cookies! They are sooo good too! I ate, not one, but two! Argg. I know I shouldn’t have, but I haven’t had any sweets in so long I couldn’t resist. I will make sure to do a kettle bell work out today to work some of it off.

Yesterday was the most calories I’ve had in a day in a while. Most of the calories were good calories, I think I still ended up being well under 2, 000. Let me do some quick calculating.

Roll: 240 Avocado: 322 Sunflower Seeds: 165 Mayo: 57 Spinach: 7 WOW! 791! More than I thought

3 banana’s: 315

Little granola: 100 calories

2 cookies 630

One juice which is probably 130 or so. So, all in all, I had around 1,966 calories, which is under the 2,000 mark, barely. Those cookies really put me over. Wow. I change my mind, my nutrition was not okay! I can’t believe if I woulnd’t have had those cookies I would have been closer to the 1, 200 mark. Dang. Oh well, today is a new day, I will just make sure to eat super healthy tonight.




Great Sleep

I just had some GREAT sleep. Really deep, really awesome.

Nutrition yesterday, I think I did okay.

So, I already told you about my egg sandwich and walk. Before work I had a spicy black been burger with spinach, tomato, cucumber, and mustard on top. It was very yummy.

I only had one juice yesterday. It had half a small purple cabbage, 3 carrots, an orange, and spinach in it. It was a lovely brown color which looked disgusting but tasted fine. Gave me a big boost of energy.

I then had some granola at around 5:00 AM. It was a very small amount.  I get off work at 7 AM, so, I still worked most of it off.

I also stepped on the scale, just because everyone before I started juicing said “when you start eating again, it’ll all just come back because it is just water weight.” I lost 2 pounds again! That brings me up to 18 pounds down. If I had 18 pounds water weight, I was basically a water balloon so I think that whole water weight thing is bologna.

I ate a banana so far today. They are browning so I want to eat them before all I have is banana mush. Yay potassium!

I have also been walking to work to get just a little bit more exercise in my life. It only adds about a mile a day all together, but better than not adding a mile.

Last night work was quiet. It felt more like a Monday night at work than a Saturday night. I had to keep reminding myself what day it was.

Happy Bunny Worship Day to you! Please, only give chocolate bunnies to each other unless you really know how to take care of bunnies.

Walking in the Rain

Yesterday’s nutrition was another good day!

I woke up around 4 PM. I had a banana for Breakfast then juiced the rest of the day.

Juice one: 1 sweet potato, 1 orange, and 3 whole carrots. I’ve had this juice before. I always like it.

Juice two: Spinach, 2 oranges, and half a yellow squash. Pretty good juice. Refreshing, energizing.

Juice three: 4 Romaine leaves, half a yellow squash, parsley, and an apple. Another refreshing, green, energizing juice. Yum.

Work last night was difficult. If I had had access to food, I would have chowed down. Thank goodness I didn’t. There was a little kids wrestling competition in town, and most of the people were from really, eh, “country” towns. The parents decided to sit in our lobby and have themselves a party.  The lobby was torn up from the floor up. I mean, beer spilled everywhere, at least 30 beer bottles laying around, bottle caps all over the floor, popcorn everywhere, I swear some people are animals. You know how a bar looks at the end of the night when everyone leaves, that was our lobby times 3. Took me three hours to clean up.

Get this though, and I may be making a bigger deal out of this because I was agitated, but I got a complaint on the lobby! A room called down and said “Can you do something about all those drunks in the lobby? I don’t feel comfortable walking my family down there.” It was midnight, on a Friday, in downtown, and everyone in the lobby were paying guests. I’m sorry, but person on the phone, you should be walking your family around at midnight and they have every right to be in lobby as you do, sorry they are a little loud, but at least they aren’t being loud next to your room.

Also, I had to yell at a parent. I’m cleaning the lobby, and all of a sudden I see this little, little kid standing next to the door to the bar. I go over there and am like, “Hi, what are you up to?” “Waiting for my mom to come out of the bar.” In my head I am thinking, “What the hell?” So I sit him in a chair where I am cleaning and say “Now stay where I can see you.” When a parent finally arrives for him I go “Listen, you can NOT leave a small child, alone, in a hotel lobby. It is super dangerous. Now I know you’re not from here, but Shawn Hornbeck was from Franklin County Missouri and I know you know about him. It only takes 5 seconds for a child to disappear.” All they had to say, “Yes Mamn.” I felt silly lecturing a 40 or such year old about child care when I don’t have any children and I’m only 25, but that is just irresponsible. Both you and your wife are drunk, it’s 1 AM, and you have your kid alone in a lobby. COME ON! Stop making it easy for pedophiles! Sigh.

I will once again say,  Hotels are NOT safe. Here are some guidelines to follow when inside one

 1.  You do NOT need a background check to stay in one. The employee’s do NOT know all the people staying in the building and we are NOT watching your kids for you.

2. We also do NOT have camera’s everywhere so, chances are, once your child is abducted, they are gone.

3. Please do NOT deadbolt your doors open (seems common sense but people do it all the time). I know, you’re just going to get ice, or you’re buddy will be right back, but someone may push that door open, beat you, rob you, rape you. The second has happened in my hotel, the third in two hotels I know of, the first in another hotel.

4. Do NOT leave your personal items unattended in the lobby, they will get stolen.

5. Do NOT leave your child unattended.

6. When in your room deadbolt AND chain lock your door.

7. If the fire alarms go off, do NOT expect a phone call with your directions. The fire alarm is your directions, telling you to leave the building.

8. Do NOT call down explaining that there is weed being smoked somewhere on your floor. If we could tell exactly what room it is coming from we would kick them out, but since we can’t, we can’t knock on every door trying to find it.

9. Do NOT let people in the front door you don’t know. That is like letting a stranger into your house to rob you.

10. Please be patient, your request is important, but so is the 30 other ones we have.

11. Tip for goodness sake, just do it asshole.

12. If there is a parking garage, park in it. If you park on the surface lot or street, your car may get broken into. If your car does get broken into, either in the garage or street, the hotel is not liable. Remove all electronics, luggage, or money from your car or people will break your window out.

13. Do not throw parties in hotels. This will just lead to you getting kicked out and no refund for you.

14. Hotels are private property which means they can refuse to rent to people, they can kick you out for whatever reason they deem fit, so if you come in smelling like weed from hot boxing and wonder why the hotel is saying “we’re sold out” even though there are no cars in the parking lot…well, you know the actual reason right?

15. Don’t ask for manager specials and when we say no try to negotiate a rate. That just pisses us off and makes us more steadfast on our decision to not adjust the rate. Also, we don’t price match. If you want that price, go to that other hotel.

16. If you don’t see a room service menu in the room, we don’t have room service! Simple as that. Or, even better, if you’re paying under 200 dollars a night, assume the place does not have room service.

17. Key cards. Keep them away from magnets or cells phones. It turns them off.

18. Key cards. You HAVE to have your I.D. to get a key card and it HAS to be the name on the room. Another hotel in our chain gave a key card to a “husband”. Little did they know, it was an Ex-husband, they were going through a divorce, and he went up and beat the shit out of her. If you want someone else to be able to get a key, put their name on the room.

19. Put clothes on when you get ice. Guest always seem to be in underwear to get ice and leave their key card in their room. Throw some pants on, even if just in case you see someone in the hallway. Still don’t get this one.

20. Wear your shoes in the lobby. People spill things, break glasses, and it’s just more hygenic if you’re wearing shoes. Socks don’t count, SHOES!

21. Never start the bath tub and lay back down for “5 more minutes” of sleep. You overflow the thing and flood two floors, that then I have to extract. That is a lot of work you just made for me.

22. Long distance calls to other countries are expensive. I’m talking to any foriegners out there right now.

23. I can not fix the wi-fi connection. You will have to call Charter and they will just put you on hold. So. Just don’t use the internet.

24. If you do use our free public computer. If you see someone waiting, finish what you are doing and move on. These computers are suppose to be for printing out boarding passes and maybe checking e-mail…not surfing facebook for 3 hours.

Those are my rules for staying in hotels. Really, the perfect traveler will be able to check in, go to their room, and be self sufficient the rest of the trip. They roll with the punches. Now, if you check in, go to the room, see the room is trashed, by all means, come down, get moved and get a comp. Or, if something is broken in your room, tell us so we can fix it. We want to make your stay pleasant, but please, return the favor, and not make our jobs hell on earth.

A couple good pieces of news my manager told me today. One, our hotel is going smoke free which this will cut down on party rooms and I won’t get a headache on that floor when I deliver receipts. Two, the smelly man from Holland is getting kicked out! Monday is his last night. My manager finally had to deal with him, which leads him to being asked to leave. 🙂 Very exciting, because that man was ANNOYING.

So, that was work, and some rules for the hotel.

After I got off work, I slept, woke up, ate an egg, spinach, and mustard sandwich, then went for about a 2 mile walk with my buddy Jessie, IN THE RAIN. She wants to do a juice fast, 10 days she says. She has never done one. I told her to start eating raw or juicing once or twice a day to get ready for it. She is already a size 8 and super healthy, so I am surprised she wants to fast. She will be in Hawaii for a month with the navy, so, she wants to be bikini ready she says. I think her body is top notch, but hey, I’m all for her cleansing and giving her body a huge shock of nutrients.

Happy juicing and have an awesome day!


I did break my fast a couple of nights ago, as you read. Yesterday I decided to eat raw since I wanted to add the plant fiber to my diet. I did eat a lot of veggies and fruit though. So between two salads and a couple oranges here are the veggies I ate raw.

3 romaine leaves, 2 cups spinach, 1 whole carrots, half a 3/4’s of a cucumber, and 2 oranges.

So, even though I didn’t juice, I feel like I still got a good amount of nutrients into my body, plus the fiber from them. I also drank about 2 liters of water.

I watched a couple of movies. Went to bed. I really didn’t do anything yesterday.  I watched Gosford Park and Monty Python’s: The Meaning Of Life. I guess I felt British yesterday. Gosford Park reminded me of Upstairs Downstairs or the more popular, Downtown Abbey. Just it had a murder and Clive Owen. I love you Clive Owen. You are just such a sexy, manly man. I also love him in Closer. His acting was on point in that film. Monty Python was just silly, but I would be disappointed if it wasn’t. If you’ve seen it, you’ll get this, my favorite part is when the two guy in the tiger suit were trying to explain why they were in a tiger suit. Thought that was hilarious.

I am probably going to clean some tonight. My apartment has reached a point of if someone came in to burgle me, they would think I had been hit already. Maybe it’s actually a home defense system? That’s how I would explain it if anyone saw.

I have to figure out how to give Suffolk 500 dollars, but rent is due. Man, everyone wants money from me, but I have none!