Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It is a very snowy wet day in the Lou. I just hope it clears up before I have to get on a plane tomorrow morning.

Yesterday I juiced my breakfast. The juice was cucumber, lime, and turnip greens. I put soo much lime in there though, it was like drinking a really intense limeade.

Then, I went to work. There was pizza. I ate it. Mostly because I was stressed. Within thew first 10 minutes of work I had 3 drunks yell at me, not just drunk, wasted as in they won’t remember speaking to me tomorrow. This stress made me think, “GIVE ME THE PIZZA!” I did manage to drink 2 liters of water too though.

 St. Pat’s is stressful weekend to work. We had a fight in a room, people who were just lost, and some parents actually let their young children run around the hotel well past midnight, which is INCREDIBLY dangerous. Think about it, kids with hormones mixing with adults who have drank too much to notice age in a building that is full of beds. Sigh, sometimes I don’t understand why some people have children. It does add even more stress to me though because I would feel sooo horrible if a child was raped or abducted on my shift, even though I know really it isn’t my fault, it’s their parents fault, but still, horrible.

I got out of work an hour and fifteen minutes late because I just could not get my work done. There was a gigantic check in, which adds to the amount of work, breakfast had to be set up and ready to go by 6 AM (the usual start time on weekend is 7), the drunky’s needed constant attention, and the sorting of express check out’s took about 45 minutes. Luckily my security guard delivered the receipts for me or I would have been there til 10 in the morning.

I came home, ate an egg with some mustard on it. Watched House of Cards on Netflix. Then I went to bed exhausted.

Woke up, I am pretty much out of produce and I am going to Florida for a few days, so I decided against produce shopping. Tried going out to eat. First place I went, closed. Second place, parking lot is coned off and it looked closed. Apparently STL treat St. Pat’s like it’s a legit holiday! Finally ended up at an Irish pub called Flannery’s. Got a chicken sandwich (they had no vegetarian options on the “St. Pat’s menu, otherwise known as the worst menu ever) and a smithwicks in honor of St. Patrick’s day. My meal was okay, but I noticed every employee was acting like they knew me. Super comfortable, not really providing any customer service. I was really confused, because I do not go to Flannery’s often, they do not know me. As I was walking out, the door guy was like “Pam?” to which I said “No, Storm.” He asked me if I was delivering red bull. I said, “Do you want me to go to 7-11 to get you a red bull? What?” He replies, “Aren’t you the girl who brings us our red bull?” “No…….” “Oh my goodness, we all thought you were Pam.” So apparently, there is a Storm look-a-like named Pam who sells red bull. Very interesting. I have a doppleganger…….

I am going to Orlando where I plan on not juicing. When I travel, I want to taste local cuisine. When I get back on the 21st, I want to do a 7 or more day juice fast, no cheating. Look forward to posts on that.