It’s been a while!

Hello blogging world! It has been a while since I have posted so I guess it is time to update!

The boy was in town for a whole week straight, which is why I have not been online at all. My Farmville Farm is dead actually…

While he was in town though, I ate everything in the world that was bad for me. Chinese, pizza, hot dog, mac and cheese, a couple salads and broccoli made their ways in, turkey burger, pasta, probably all the alcohol in St. Louis, etc. It was so yummy but my body feels awful for it. So, while I’m not juicing this week I am on a very veggie diet. So far today for breakfast I ate broccoli slaw. Then tonight at work I will either have a steamable broccoli, cauliflower carrot mix or watermelon. Haven’t decided yet. I am on healthy food again, I may juice the week after.

I have worked the past two days and both nights have been slow. We have a group of about 190 kids in house but they are very well chaperoned (my favorite type of kids) so I don’t see them much, which is fine by me.

Blues are out of the play offs, which is sad since I’ve started liking hockey in the past two years. Cardinals are doing very well though, so that is nice.

I have a lot to accomplish in the next week so I made a list! Here is said list:

1. Fill out the financial info for Suffolk online, pay 21 dollar fee.

2. Contact Suffolk on how to find a room mate up there.

3. Deep clean kitchen.

4. Deep clean living room.

5. Deep clean Bedroom.

6. Deep clean Bathroom.

7. Make a list of repairs the apartment needs.

8. Make an appointment with my apartments office to tell them I am moving out.

9. Contact best friend about staying with her.

10. Bill paying.

11. Figuring out where my furniture is going.

12. Figuring out where my car is going.

13. Giving notice at work.

14. Groceries

15. Bleach work shirts.

That is my list and I gave myself a due date of the 16th. The things crossed off are the ones I did today.

I want to say I have a ton of interesting stories from the boy being in town, but I don’t really. We did what we always do, go out, bowl, and just all around enjoy eachother’s company.

I am planning a hike for next week when I am off of work with my friend Allison. Should be fun. 14 miles all together. 🙂 We just have to get our work schedules compared.

I feel like I had so much more to say but I can’t think of anything!


Juice like you mean it!!!!

Last night was the first night back at work and it went pretty well. Kind of a quiet night for a Friday.

Nutrition yesterday was a lot better than I had been doing (the day before I had four hot pockets. Shocking to think I used to eat like that everyday!) After a relapse into unhealthy, but yummy, world, I am back with my juice and healthy meals.

Before work I had an orange. Simple, just an orange.

I had two juices at work that were made of the same stuff. The recipe was 3 whole carrots, parsley, about a cup of spinach, and an orange in each. Great energizing drink. Went down pretty easy.

I also had a banana and some peanut butter. I am also guilty of snagging a couple bite-sized candy. Not much though. I don’t feel like that is too shabby though, since I was doing so poorly the day before. I am also finishing up my 2nd liter of water.

My goal is to do small meals and juicing until I leave for LA on Tuesday. I will eat what I feel like in LA since it would be a shame to be on a juice fast while in such a great place for food. Then I will start another juice fast on April 13th, hopefully a 10 day one. I ended one recently at the 5 day mark, so I am hoping to do better this time.

I am still at 210 lbs. I was at 208 but after my slip-up gained 2 pounds back.

Making goals and drinking juice

Today’s meals were good. I did have fiesta eggs this morning, which are more veggies than eggs. Basically a green pepper, onion, jalapeno, two eggs, cumin, and chili powder. Pretty yummy.

I am drinking a juice meal now. This one is broccoli, one cucumber, 3 turnip green leaves, and an apple. Pretty good. I hope it brings a surge of energy. I have been so tired lately. Just weird.

I haven’t done much. These cold days make me just want to curl up in my bed and be in a coma. I have decided to make some goals to accomplish before going to Orlando on the 17th.

1) Go to H & R block and get my taxes fixed. They are in shambles and I have to get on a payment plan.

2) Do laundry. I have a plan to do that at my mom’s tomorrow which actually helps with goal 3.

3) Visit my mom and see her new house. I used to visit my mom every couple weeks and it has been about a month or more now.

4) Clean my apartment. Needs to be done.

5)Take a long walk. This goal will depend on how cold it remains outside.

6) Do at least 3 kettle bell work outs.

7) Keep up with juicing. At my mom’s this may be difficult because they are soooo unhealthy. I may have to make a solid vegetarian meal to make this visit healthier.

Those are my 7 goals for the week. Hopefully in my next few blogs you’ll see me saying, “I accomplished this goal today!”

I go to Orlando soon and I just planned a trip for LA in April. LA should have tons of juice bars, so it’ll probably be easy to juice out there. The only cuisine I really want to try there is authentic Mexican food. I have that goal and to see the walk of fame.

Not much else to update you guys on. Wish me luck on my 7 goals.