4th weigh in

I’ve made a decision with juicing. I will just 1 or 2 meals a day and eat a clean meal, once or twice a day. It’s really expensive buying so much produce, so I want to cut that with veggie meals I make. Well, not all veggie’s, I bought a huge thing of oatmeal that has a million servings in it for 3 dollars! Also got a carton of eggs. I still bought a good amount of produce though, so I can keep up with juicing some meals.

So what I had yesterday.

Juice 1: Cabbage, carrot, and ginger. This juice was NOT good. Too much cabbage added!

Then I had an egg, mustard, and spinach sandwich. It was very good.

Juice 2: Spinach, half a cucumber, and a pear. Liked this juice a lot. Refreshing.

Juice 3: 4 romaine leaves, an apple, and half a cucumber. Again refreshing. Provided a nice boost of energy.

I weighed myself again last night, down 4 more pounds! Total is at 16 right now. 34 more to lose to get to 50. I am happy with that loss. If I could keep at about  4 pounds a week, I would be stoked.

I did not get far one cleaning, opting to grocery shop instead. Work last night was really, really, busy for the first hour and a half. Another kids conference! Last weekend it was church kids, the weekend before volleyball girls, this weekend wrestling kids. I wouldn’t mind, since all of them are in bed by midnight (usually) but they tear the lobby up and I’m responsible for cleaning it before our breakfast ladies go up. It’s been taking 2 or 3 hours, or in the case of the church kids 5, to clean the lobby! That’s a lot of lifting heavy trash bags, wiping down tables, and with these parents, a lot of beer bottles? Yeah, trash can, 2 feet away from them, left 10 empty beer bottles on the table like they were in a fucking restaurant. I wish we were like other hotels that just had couches in their lobby and NOT tables conducive to drinking and pretending you’re in a dimly lit restaurant (yes we turn off the lights even to signify this isn’t the place for you).

Had a couple guys check in late last night. One had really beautiful green eyes, big gorgeous, leaves just coming out in spring eyes. We talked about a bunch of stuff until I said those magic words “Well, my boyfriend..” and immediately, “Man, we have to get to bed. Nice talking to you!” 

I also had a neat conversation with a really old black man from Chicago who I want to be my grandfather. He was in town for a funeral, his second in a week. He started crying when describing the deceased. We talked about food, cities we’ve been too, dunkin donuts. Super nice guy.

Mmmmmm V8….

I have been drinking the fast food of juices lately because the past couple days I have woken up late for work and go across the street to 7-11 and get V8’s. I know these are not nearly good as real juice, but when you’re in a jam, it works. I am going to make my own juices tonight though. I have been doing good with water though, drinking a couple liters a day.

Work was so dumb last night. The whole night was good until the very end. Then I get a phone call, “Water is coming out of my ceiling and light switch.” I knew immediately it was a bath tub overflowing from a higher up floor. This room was on 9, so I go to the room above them on 10.

I kind of knew it wouldn’t be that guy. He has been living there a month and his nickname is “Mr. Smelly.” He doesn’t like water he says. You can smell him from 10 feet away, and the smell lingers after he walks away. Then I know it is on 11, it is the highest floor. What is makes me cringe is I checked them in and there was voice in my head going, “Don’t check them in. They’re trouble. Tell them you’re sold out for St. Patrick’s day.” I should always listen to my inner voice.

My security guard and I start knocking. No answer. I decide to go back downstairs, call my manager and the police. The opened the door while I was on the phone with my manager. If you are not a deviant, you probably don’t know this, but people who smoke weed in hotel rooms will sometimes try to “steam” the smell out by running the shower with the bathroom door open. My security guard said when he got inside the room, the steam was thick from the ceiling to his nose, about a 3 foot cloud of steam inside the bedroom part of the room, not just the bathroom.

What happened though, they went to sleep with this shower running AND the bathtub stopper down. I already knew the room was going to be bad because if you have water leaking on other floors, that means there is water sitting there and it is pretty deep. This water made it through two floors. It was an inch deep on the bathroom floor and flowed out about 5 feet outside the bathroom. This meant I had to extract the water from the floor and the carpet, because if we just leave it sitting then it will just keep leaking through the floors. The extractor machine is HEAVY. The water fills a 5 gallon tank, which you have to keep dumping out when it is full. It filled quickly because there was so much water, so I had to keep lifting it up. On the positive side though, it was a good work out! I broke quite the sweat.

Tonight is one of the toughest nights to work in the hotel, St.Patrick’s day. Good news is I will have a manager there, two security guards, and someone to bring things to rooms. There are only three nights out of the year that it isn’t just me and a security guard, those nights are New Years Eve, Mardi Gras (bet you didn’t know St. Louis has the biggest Mardi Gras after New Orleans), and St. Patrick’s day. The fact we’re fully staffed actually makes them not the worse days of the year to work. The worst days are Cardinal Games when all of Cardinal’s Nation are in town, drunk, and it is just you and a security guard. Even during the world series I didn’t get much help. Summer is a rough time for Night Auditors.